Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 reasons you should be an ABC member in case you need some encouragement. 



  1. We get a seat at the table: When important decisions are being made about our city streets, ABC always has a seat at the table. Why? Because we know what kind of city streets make our neighborhoods safer, more livable and more lovable.

  2. We advocate on behalf of all cyclists in Atlanta: Our advocacy efforts have contributed to adding dozens of bike lanes in Atlanta, $32.5 million in Complete Streets and bike lanes in the Renew Atlanta Bond, the city's first Chief Bicycle Officer, and passing new bicycle safety legislation (the 3 foot rule), and many, many more.

  3. We help connect the city: ABC has a plan for “Connecting the City” — a campaign to build a more comfortable, connected network of bikeways on three major corridors: Peachtree Street, DeKalb Avenue and Lee Street.

  4. We help secure funding for better bike infrastructure: We secured $32.5 million for Complete Streets and bike lanes in the Renew Atlanta Bond. This year, we advocated for $100 million in Complete Streets, Neighborhood Greenways, and bike lanes in TSPLOST funds, as well as $65.9 million for the BeltLine.

  5. We fill the gaps (not just mind them): ABC has worked behind the scenes to secure funding to hire a Chief Bicycle Officer for the City of Atlanta, and supported the City of Atlanta as one of six cities (out of 200 applicants across the U.S.) selected for the Green Lane Project.

  6. We make Atlanta “cool”: It’s true. Atlanta Streets Alive has received awards from Creative Loafing and Atlanta Magazine, who all proclaim Atlanta Streets Alive as one of the most beloved community events in Atlanta — with near 400,000 people pouring onto 12 miles of opened streets for people to walk, ride, dance, skate and play.

  7. We play well with others: We’ve partnered up with some big players in Atlanta, including the City of Atlanta, Midtown Alliance, Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, and dozens of bike related organizations.

  8. We’re making Atlanta greener: And not just in a granola-eating, tree-hugging, exhaust-hating kind of way. We’re helping to paint the streets green, as part of the Green Lane Project, to raise the visibility of biking in Atlanta and add protected bike lanes which are safer for all.

  9. Families love us: We offer several classes, rides and events for families of all sizes.

  10. Membership has its benefits: 1/5 your Zipcar membership, $5 off ABC apparel, and invites to social events and our Annual Blinkie Awards!