Hack Your Essential Trip

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is committed to an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably throughout the city. We are excited to offer a different education program, Hack Your Essential Trip. Our active and sustainable transportation experts will involve your group — workplace, organization, social, neighborhood group, school staff, extended family, etc. —  in a 45-minute informative and highly engaging class (in-person or virtual). We focus on bike safety skills and the integration of other modes of active and sustainable transportation. 

How do I sign a group up for this FREE Program?  Click on the button to schedule. We will reach out for a quick 10-minute chat with the organizer beforehand to customize the experience.

We are committed to your safety as you negotiate the city streets for transportation, essential services, and recreation. We'll remind you of the latest CDC's Social Distancing and Prevention Guidelines that apply to people using mobility devices and transit users.


Graphic: More people choose to use sustainable transportation instead of single occupant cars