Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and PEDS Merger Process

In February 2021, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and PEDS announced that our two organizations were considering plans to merge. We are thrilled to share that in May both boards voted unanimously to move forward with the merger, and as of June 17, 2021 the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and PEDS have officially merged.

We are excited to join forces with PEDS’ leadership and community to strengthen our advocacy for an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably. As we move forward with the process, we will share relevant updates on the merger — including the timeline, process, and frequently asked questions — on this page.



February 2021: Announcement that the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and PEDS are in talks to consider merging

May 2021: Both Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and PEDS' boards vote to move forward with merger

June 2021: Complete legal requirements and announce the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and PEDS have formally merged

June 2021 - August 2021: Transfer PEDS’ assets to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

2022: Unveil organization’s new name in alignment with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s new strategic direction




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the nature of this merger? Is a completely new organization being formed?

A: This merger is being completed as an asset transferPEDS will transfer its assets to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. After the merger is complete, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will remain an active nonprofit organization, and PEDS will be dissolved as a standalone organization. 


Q: Will the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s name change and if so, when?

We put plans to change our name on hold to advance the merger, and in 2022, we will resume the process of changing our name to reflect our strategic plan adopted in 2019. That plan expanded our advocacy beyond bikes to include all forms of sustainable transportation — walking, using wheelchairs, riding transit, biking, scooting, and skating.


Q: Will Atlanta Bicycle Coalition take on new staff from PEDS after the merger is complete?

A: No, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s staff is not changing.


Q: I am a current PEDS donor and/or member. What does the merger mean for me?

A: PEDS’ 25 years of accomplishments are in good hands. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is a trusted, high-performing nonprofit organization. Founded 30 years ago by dedicated volunteers, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has earned a 100/100 rating from Charity Navigator and the Guidestar Gold Transparency level for its responsible stewardship of donor funds and programmatic achievements. We are committed to building on PEDS’ history and continuing to expand our capacity to advocate for pedestrian issues. One tangible step taken during the merger process was to dedicate a staffer’s time to participate in the Georgia Walking College. With grant funding, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will incorporate the PEDS Community Walking Champions program into its Community Advocates for Safe Streets initiative.


Q: I am a current Atlanta Bicycle Coalition donor and/or member. What does the merger mean for me?

A: In 2019, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition updated its mission and strategic plan to include all modes and users of sustainable transportation, including people who bike but adding in other groups such as transit riders, pedestrians, people who use wheelchairs, and people who scoot or skate. Therefore, this merger with PEDS will not change the mission, vision, or goals of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. We look forward to building on PEDS’ knowledge and expertise on pedestrian issues to continue to grow our advocacy and impact to cover more people and individuals who use active, sustainable transportation methods. 

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition remains a trusted, high-performing nonprofit organization whose success is made possible by donors. Merging our two organizations will allow us to operate even more efficiently, ensuring that donors’ resources have the maximum impact possible on making Atlanta a city in which everyone can move safely, easily, and sustainably. 


Q: Since Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s advocacy covers the City of Atlanta and PEDS’ advocacy covers the Atlanta region and statewide work, what area will the organization’s advocacy cover post-merger?

A: The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has always engaged at the regional level, including decades of service on various Atlanta Regional Commission committees and stakeholder groups, such as the Regional Safety Task Force. While the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s primary focus is the City of Atlanta, our current strategic plan includes a commitment to transit advocacy and Families for Safe Streets, and with them, greater regional involvement. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has partnered closely with Georgia Bikes on state work, including bicycle and pedestrian legislation and working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to improve safety on state routes. In the future, our goal is to become effective advocates for safe streets and access to transit at both the local and regional levels. 


Q: Will any of the current PEDS board of directors join Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s governing board?

A: PEDS has designated several of its current board members to join the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s board of directors. Those members who agree to join the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition board will be included on the board slate presented at the June 17 Blinkie Awards. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will also invite other past and current members of PEDS’ board to join Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s advisory council.


Q: What will happen to PEDS statewide Georgia Walks Summit?

A: The 2021 Georgia Walks Summit will be a combined event with Georgia Bikes. The Georgia Bike/Walk Summit will take place virtually October 20-23, 2021.  Look out for more information from Georgia Bikes coming soon!