our guiding principles - we believe in: sustainable transportation options that are as  accessible, prevalent, and respected as driving  is today social and racial justice as outlined by The  Untokening’s Principles of Mobility Justice. We are  committed to building a transportation system that  ensures access to opportunity through investments  that repair the harmful effects of institutional racism  and foster an inclusive community collaboration and are committed to working  collectively with and in service to community accountability and are committed to transparency  and openness to ideas, feedback, and growth that  build trust effectiveness and are committed to forethought,  adaptability, persistence, and resourcefulness to  foster progress

Our priorities during the COVID-19 crisis

As we adjust our priorities in these uncertain times, we think it’s key to focus on people with essential jobs--the backbone of our society who so often get overlooked or taken for granted--and their transportation needs. Here are some ways we’re aligning our work with the urgent needs in our city.

We cannot have mobility justice without racial justice. We are an organization dedicated to reclaiming Atlanta’s streets as safe, inclusive, and thriving spaces for people to ride, walk, and roll. We talk a lot about re-envisioning streets as inclusive public spaces. Seeing our streets militarized is the antithesis of what public space should be about. Safe streets involve more than bike lanes and traffic calming. They are streets where everyone is free from persecution and violence. Safety and inclusivity mean Black people can walk our streets without fearing an assault on their lives or their dignity. Read more...

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    A new name for a new direction? Please weigh in!

    When we embarked on expanding our mission and defining our strategic plan in 2019, we connected with a lot of people. We thought at the time that a name change might follow our expanded mission. Now, over a year later, we have several names for you to consider. Here’s how we got here.
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    Tactical Urbanism permits--coming soon to Atlanta--will allow residents, community groups, and businesses to contribute to safe streets for people

    The ongoing pandemic exposed just how critical safe, convenient, and affordable transportation options are for people, especially those whose jobs can’t be done remotely or who need to access essential services.  As infection rates fluctuate, more people are biking, walking, and scooting to get where they need to go. That means demand for safe streets with decent options for all kinds of movement is on the rise. Through our 2020 policy agenda and recent essential transportation campaign, we called on the City of Atlanta to empower communities to creatively improve safety on their streets through small, interim projects by establishing a city approval process--or tactical urbanism permit.  This post is meant to explain the concept of tactical urbanism, provide an update on advocacy for a tactical urbanism permit for Atlanta, and ask for your continued support for equitable transportation options.
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