26490588713_808eb262ff_n.jpgExecutive Director Rebecca Serna has a Master’s degree from Georgia State's Andrew Young School of Policy Studies in Urban Policy in Planning and Nonprofit Management. Serna was a bike/ped intern with the Georgia DOT and draws on her experience as a Fulbright in Bogotá, Colombia, where she studied participatory planning practices and innovative public transportation projects. Awards include 2015 Woman of the Year/Women in Transportation Seminar, 2013 Advocate of the Year/Alliance for Biking and Walking, and the 2013 Longleaf/Georgia Conservancy. She lives in SE Atlanta with her husband and three sons, enjoys gardening, dancing, reading and baking, and looks forward to the day when biking for transportation is unremarkable. 

27061318716_1091b9904b_z.jpgOperations Director Keisa Bruce-Steele, an Atlanta native, brought over eight years of project management experience when she joined ABC. She managed a diverse portfolio of high profile, experiential campaigns at Team Epic and Next Marketing, based in Atlanta, while traveling all over North America.

A graduate of the University of Georgia, she has been a staunch supporter of all things that create sustainability in the city and, while vowing not to rely on a car for many years upon her return, Keisa fell in love with cycling immediately. You can find her biking around Decatur and East Atlanta en route to a volunteer project or meeting to discuss innovative ways to encourage physical activity at all ages.

Haydee.jpgCommunity Engagement Director Haydée Santana is inspired by the power of active transportation to connect us with our city, its communities and with each other. She began working with our volunteers in Spring of 2015 through our Bike Valet program and later through Atlanta Streets Alive. In her current role, Haydée draws from an extensive background in marketing and communications as well as from her leadership of member- and volunteer-driven organizations where she has a history of forging relationships and fostering engagement.

Haydée enjoys walking and running around the Edgewood neighborhood where she resides, and hiking trails in and around the city with Riley, her Great Danebull. And, of course, you'll also find her exploring Atlanta’s neighborhoods and urban treasures by bike. 


27061332606_9bf31c2f5d_n.jpgEvents Manager Heather Luyk 
is an Atlanta native and moved back in March of 2015 after eight years away. She received her Masters in Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Georgia.  During her time in Athens, she developed a passion for sustainable living and getting a bike was a big part of her lifestyle change. Being able to combine all of these skills and passions is a dream! After a year back in Atlanta she decided to car-free and hasn't looked back.

Heather focuses on operations and logistics for Atlanta Streets Alive, as well as ABC's smaller events like the Blinkie Awards and Fall Fundraiser. For Heather, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing/hearing conversations be had about the purpose of streets and mindsets slowly beginning to change after ASA. 

Heather lives in Adair Park and enjoys pedaling through the streets of Southwest Atlanta, gardening and finding free yoga classes across the city. She also sits on the board of her neighborhood association (as the events chair of course). Join in on the fun at Porches and Pies and Tour de SWAT (a bike ride through SW Atlanta!). 



IMG_0255.jpgEducation Coordinator Stephen Spring, a new Atlanta native via Austin, San Francisco, and Portland, Maine. Stephen has spent his life in urban public education serving students, teachers, and districts. His work spans teaching high school, curriculum writing, facilitating professional development, and affecting change in policy and political spaces. A common thread in Stephen’s career has been to ensure equitable outcomes for students with a focus on cultural responsive pedagogy and shifting mindsets of adults engaged with adolescent learners.

Stephen earned a Master’s degree from the University of Maine in Educational Leadership and recently completed the coursework for a PhD in Educational Policy at the University of Texas. Bicycling has been his primary mode of urban transportation for decades and has negotiated commuting, socializing, shopping and all else involved in getting from point A to point B on his bike. He looks forward to interacting with the community as ABC’s Education Coordinator to assist in getting more and more Atlanta folks feeling confident and safely enjoying all that is possible though cycling. He is deeply committed to ensuring equitable outcomes as the means to enhancing bicycling density.

Traveling, hiking, politics, reading, yoga, and just hanging out and about the city are part of his other ways of being.


Program Coordinator LaMiiko Moore was born in St. Louis, MO but has spent an almost equal amount of her life calling Atlanta home, after moving here to complete her undergraduate studies at Georgia State University.

Being away from biking for many years, her participation in the Atlanta (Westside) Bike Champions program rekindled her love of biking, allowing her to see Atlanta through a new set of eyes. She firmly believes in the mental and physical satisfaction brought about through biking, and this drives her passion to get as many people on bikes as possible.

With experience in sales and public speaking, as well as her talent for interacting with individuals, LaMiiko uses those skills to create more active communities and looks forward to introducing the benefits of ABC to a larger population.

She especially enjoys the idea of riding her bike to support small businesses, events, festivals, nature preserves, breweries and even wineries across the state. In her spare time, she loves to make meals for her friends and loved ones.


Digital Communities Coordinator Dan Hill moved to Atlanta in April 2016 from Champaign-Urbana Illinois. There he worked as a Senior Library Specialist at the University of Illinois Library and volunteered at The Bicycle Project, a bicycle cooperative associated with the Independent Media Center. After moving to Atlanta, he worked as a salesperson at Bicycle South in Decatur.

Dan loves that cycling allows the individual to become more self-guided and integrated into her environment. He is proud to build and maintain the bicycles which he uses for everyday transportation. He understands bicycle maintenance and cycling to be kinder and more enriching than car ownership and driving.

Dan is also passionate about open source software, loud or repetitive music, and producing artwork with lots of tiny little lines.


Governing Board

  1. Cynthia Searcy (Chair), Assistant Dean for Academic Programs at Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
  2. Naoya Wada (Vice Chair), Managing Partner at Never Without
  3. Jared Welsh (Secretary), attorney at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
  4. Max Leventhal (Treasurer), Owner's Representative at Woodruff Arts Center
  5. Bruce Fernald, Principal at JPX Works
  6. Jack Honderd, Principal at East Decatur Station
  7. Michael Green, Principal at Pansophy Capital 
  8. Camille Ward, HR Business Partner at Coca-Cola North America
  9. Alice Rolls, Executive Director at Georgia Organics
  10. Stephanie Hudson, Consultant at Welcoming America
  11. Pat Moore, Project Manager at Orange Business Services
  12. Leonard Adams, Founder & CEO at Quest Community Development Organization
  13. Wesley Brown, Sr. Project Manager, Planning & Capital Projects at Central Atlanta Progress
  14. Jason Dozier, Director, Programs Operations at Hire Heroes USA
  15. Todd Fedell, Sr. Director Creative Studio at Cox Enterprises
  16. Ken Rose, Senior Policy Advisor, Physical Activity and Health Program
  17. Shayna Pollock, Principle Planner, Atlanta Regional Commission

Advisory Board

  1. Atiba Mbiwan, Associate Director at The Zeist Foundation Inc.
  2. Aaron Watson, Senior Counsel at Thompson Hine
  3. Dan Thornton, owner at Free-Flite Bicycles
  4. Henry Slack, Co-founder with Dennis Hoffarth, bike commuter for 40 years, mechanical engineer
  5. Ryan Gravel, Founder at Sixpitch
  6. Robert Riordan, Alston & Bird
  7. Eric Wilson, Senior Associate at Heery International 
  8. Heather Alhadeff, Program Management Officer at City of Atlanta
  9. Jeffrey Wisard, founder at Atlanta Cycling Festival
  10. Andisheh Nouraee, digital marketing expert at CARE
  11. Brent Brewer, Our West End neighborhood newsletter
  12. Kari Watkins, Frederick Law Olmsted Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology
  13. James Tyler, BRAG Dream Team coach, Atlanta Bike Champion-Westside
  14. Steven Cousins, Inclusion Manager at Relay Bike Share
  15. Jenny Park, Oshkosh B'Gosh
  16. Brian Gist, Senior Attorney at Southern Environmental Law Center