At the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, we work to make Atlanta better by bike. 

We envision a day when biking is wholly integrated into Atlanta's daily life, culture, and infrastructure.

Our mission is to transform Atlanta into a more livable, accessible city by making biking equitable, safe, and appealing.

Founded in 1991, our membership-based nonprofit advocates for a safe and connected network of bikeways and better conditions for bicycling. We educate people on safety, provide resources to overcome barriers to biking, promote the bicycle as a viable transportation solution and form of recreation and exercise, and organize community-building initiatives like Atlanta Streets Alive. 

Bicycling helps everyone, not just those who ride bikes, by creating a higher overall quality of life through improved public health, cleaner air, less congestion, and stronger communities.

As the Atlanta region continues to grow, challenges in the areas of transportation, air quality, public health, and mobility accumulate. If we are to maintain the quality of life instrumental in attracting growth to our city and region, we must address these issues.

What's more, biking adds value to the local economy by providing convenient access to local businesses, reducing healthcare and transportation costs for employers, and attracting and retaining the talented individuals who make Atlanta companies hum and grow.

Bicycling is a simple solution to vexing problems - we want to make it accessible, equitable, and attractive to everyone.