Bike Valet Offered At Events Around The City

Bike Valet at Rolling Town Hall

Get Bike Valet For Your Event!

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, with operation from Two Wheel Valet, offers secure and easy-to-use bike parking at events. Too often, large events quickly run out of bicycle rack space for those who choose to bike to avoid traffic. By providing a bicycle valet at your next event, you can reduce the event's impact on traffic congestion and carbon emissions and give people more transportation options. It's the perfect way to green your event by making it simple for festival goers to quickly and easily park their bikes.

Secure, Simple, and Environmentally Friendly!

The service includes an on-duty valet attendant to park and maintain bikes during the event. Mobile bike racks allow the bike valet attendant to set up the racks in a convenient location to maximize visibility and ease of use, as well as security.

We can park up to 250 bikes at full capacity (many more, for events where cyclists are coming and going), thereby reducing the carbon footprint of an event and negative traffic impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods, and providing a healthy way for event attendees to arrive.

The service is funded by festival organizers or sponsors, who in turn make the service free to attendees. Event organizers are responsible for publicizing the service to attendees to maximize use, and for providing a secure and convenient location to set up the bike racks. ABC provides signage to direct attendees to the bike parking and valet attendants, including at least one paid staff at all times, as well as additional volunteers.

Each 10' long rack holds 8 - 10 bikes and takes up a footprint of 5 x 8 feet.

Please note that the racks alone do not provide secure unattended locking for event patrons – the most important part of our service is corralling and attending to the bikes for the event duration. (Long-term bike parking must be bolted or secured with pavers to prevent theft.)

Please email [email protected] for pricing, details, or with a bike valet request. 

Did you Know? The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition provides bike valet service for NFL’s Atlanta Falcons games and MLS’s Atlanta United matches!

Two Wheel Valet, LLC  operates ABC’s bike valet service starting two hours prior to kick-off and ending one hour after the game. For more information, click here.