Atlanta Streets Alive

Photo by Steve Eberhardt

Imagine a street full of people of all ages and backgrounds, walking, biking, creating and laughing, together. A street temporarily closed to cars, but open to people. Imagine residents safely enjoying their city, socializing with neighbors, and engaging in healthy activities.

Imagine if all of this were free, with absolutely no barriers to participation. By the people, for the people. Sound good yet? Back in May 2010, we turned this vision into a reality by organizing the first-ever Atlanta Streets Alive. 

Atlanta Streets Alive takes a valuable public space – our city’s streets – and opens them up for people to play, walk, bike, breathe, and make their own.

Modeled on tremendously successful events from around the world, including Bogotá, Colombia’s Ciclovia; Paris, France’s Paris Plage; and San Francisco’s Sunday’s Streets, ASA is part bike tour, part block party, and a great time for getting active, supporting local businesses along the route, people watching, and enjoying our amazing city. 

In 2020, we're celebrating the program's 10 years of open streets demonstrations in Atlanta.

To learn more about Atlanta Streets Alive, visit You can also donate to help us open more streets for people and transform our city's transportation culture.