DeKalb Ave


DeKalb Avenue is riddled with potholes, has an outdated and dangerous reversible center lane (aka "suicide lane"), lacks bike lanes, and backs up at key intersections due to the lack of turn lanes.

We can do better than this!

DeKalb Avenue made the Renew Atlanta list as a Complete Street - this would mean potentially removing the reversible "suicide" lane (a long overdue safety improvement) and replacing it with turn lanes at key intersections, as well as repaving the street, and adding bike lanes or a multi-use path, and safer crossings.

These simple changes would transform a dangerous street into a safe connection from Decatur to the BeltLine and Downtown Atlanta.

Whether you walk, bike, drive, take transit, or all of the above, fixing DeKalb Avenue will benefit you.


What's happened so far

In 2015 DeKalb Avenue was added to city of Atlanta's list of Complete Streets projects to be funded with the Renew Atlanta bond.

Last year WABE reported that "Heather Alhadeff, an urban planner in Atlanta, says complete streets projects can be a way to reduce congestion, even when a lane of traffic is removed. 'It’s counterintuitive to most people’s thinking, but sometimes slowing down gets you through faster,' she says.

As an example, Alhadeff says to think of a crowd of people all trying to exit through one door in a room. “We’d all get stuck at the door, right?” she says. “So we know that if wait, and you go out first, I’m actually still going to get out faster.”

November 2016: Public Meeting

More than 250 people attended the Renew Atlanta public meeting. We're pleased to report that there was overwhelming support for Complete Streets and a space for people on bikes.

Link to Renew Atlanta Presentation on DeKalb Avenue Corridor Improvements Project

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