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    Community Advocates for Safe Streets


    Community Advocates for Safe Streets is an informed, effective and sustainable network of safe streets advocates, from neighborhoods in every City Council district, prioritizing communities where there are high rates of traffic injuries and fatalities -- on streets that are part of Atlanta's High-Injury Network



    Below are our three active advocacy programs.  By RSVP'ing below, you will be invited to our recurring virtual Community Advocates Network.  

    Community Advocates Network - Connect. Learn. Share.

    Do you want to connect with leaders and action-oriented folks from across the city who envision safe streets for all of Atlanta?

    Do you want to learn about road design that is proven to make streets safer for all users?

    Do you want to share your ideas?

    Do any of these describe you?

    • A neighborhood association or Neighborhood Planning Unit leader, including committee chairs for transportation and related topics.
    • A community member who wants to start or join a local transportation committee.
    • An Atlanta resident interested in developing a greater understanding of transportation.
    • An Atlanta employee or business owner who wants safer streets to support your customers or clients.
    • A transportation planner or engineer who wants to share your knowledge or expertise.
    • A parent or staff member invested in Atlanta Public Schools work on Safe Routes to School.

    Join this network of community-based advocates as they successfully participate in the civic process and advocate for an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably. 

    We support the Community Advocates Network (CAN) by facilitating regular virtual meetings to share resources, provide opportunities for interaction, and streamline information sharing. 


    Street Committees - Advocacy in Action

    Street committees consist of mobilized community advocates from High-Injury Network corridors that are actively working to develop community-based, design-driven safety changes.  Currently, we have two active street committees - Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Moreland Avenue.  

    Committee members are residents and community members of each corridor working to advance the mobility, safety, equity, and affordability principles of the ONE Atlanta Strategic Transportation Plan.

    Ten street committee members completed safe streets training in the fall of 2020. Each committee is working in their respective communities to introduce their work and build a coalition of support for developing safety recommendations. 

    Meet the Committee Members



    Want to support the street committees, ask questions, or provide feedback?

    Email the Hollowell Parkway Safe Street Committee at [email protected]

    Email the Moreland Avenue Safe Street Committee at [email protected]

    We support the Safe Streets Committees by providing initial training and continued assistance in their community work. 

    This work is made possible with support from the Energy Foundation


    Atlanta Families for Safe Streets - Families in the Fight

    Atlanta Families for Safe Streets (AFSS) is the local chapter of the national Families for Safe Streets organization. AFSS helps individuals who have lost loved ones or have been injured in a crash use their stories and experiences to advocate for change.

    More information on how to support and engage coming soon.


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    Atlanta is poised to take the next big leap forward. But it needs elected officials with the vision and commitment to deliver high-quality projects that encourage mobility and discourage snarling gridlock. It needs leaders with the courage to put the safety of people before high-speed traffic that places our families and vulnerable road users at risk on a daily basis.

    We are committed to giving you all the information you need to make the best decision this election cycle. We may not be able to endorse candidates, but we can show you where they stand on issues important you.

     Check out our election resources below and BIKE THE VOTE!

    17 bike and votes

    These are the core policies and goals we believe the next Mayor and City Council must adopt if Atlanta wants to continue to compete for the best talent in the world while improving the quality of life for Atlantans who have been historically disadvantaged and marginalized by a lack of transportation options. 





    Questions about our platform or our engagement events? Please contact Bennett Foster at [email protected] or call 404-881-1112 x 2.

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    Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, affectionately known as RDA, serves as a major corridor for schools, historic neighborhoods, and businesses in Southwest Atlanta. RDA is a large street with fast traffic and a lonely stretch of bike lane between Murphy Ave and I-85. The road, whether by bike or by car, is often perilous due to potholes, debris, and jagged train tracks.

    RDA turns into Georgia Avenue and runs through seven amazing Atlanta neighborhoods: Westview, West End, Adair Park, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville, Summerhill, and Grant Park.

    The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition connects these neighborhoods at Atlanta Streets Alive. You can help make this a more livable, walkable, and bikeable corridor all year-round by supporting our campaign for bike lanes and regular maintenance on RDA and Georgia Avenue.

    In addition to bike lanes on RDA and Georgia Avenue, we are advocating for:

    • Resurfacing and repairing dangerous potholes on RDA
    • Regularly maintaining this critical corridor by sweeping trash and debris
    • Paving over the hazardous out-of-use train tracks
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