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    February 4, 2022 | Take the Challenge


    Transit Equity Day

    Transit Equity Day is a national day of action to commemorate Rosa Parks' birthday by declaring that public transit is a civil right. This day of action is organized by a network of transit rider unions, community organizations, environmental groups, and labor unions.

    February 4 was chosen because Rosa Parks is an iconic figure among many of the civil rights era who chose the tactic of refusing to give up her seat on the bus. This act of resistance highlights the rights of all people to high-quality public transportation powered by clean and renewable energy.

    Transit Equity Day supports a just transition from the fossil fuel economy to clean, renewable energy as a way to confront the climate crisis. A just transition also requires that we uphold worker and civil rights: everyone should have access to free or affordable public transportation regardless of age, race, or class. Finally, a just transition means supporting the rights of workers to organize. 


    Partner Organizations


    To officials: will you take the Challenge?

    1. Ride the bus to and from work or wherever you go on Friday, February 4th in honor of Rosa Parks’ birthday
    2. Talk about your experience on social media to show solidarity with everyone who relies on transit to get around every day. Use hashtags #TransitEquityDay #TakeTransitATL 
    3. Inform your constituents about what’s happening with transit in our communities (we made a list to make it easy). Be sure to talk about MARTA's bus network redesign, NextGen Bus, that's underway, and how it could affect/benefit riders. 
    4. Adopt a resolution recognizing Transit Equity Day on February 4th, 2022. Thank you Atlanta City Council for adopting Resolution 3053 expressing support for the call to observe a day of action on public transportation as a civil right. The measure passed with 14 yeas and 1 nay. 
    6. Take transit as much as possible throughout the month and beyond. Keep sharing stories of your own experiences as well as those of the riders you meet.
    7. Vote for transit equity: more funding for transit and projects that address inequities in our systems and create a more equitable future.

    Who's pledging?

    • Atlanta Council President Doug Shipman
    • Atlanta Councilmember Post 2 At-Large Matt Westmoreland
    • Atlanta City Councilmember District 1 Jason Winston
    • Atlanta Councilmember District 2 Amir Farokhi (Transportation Committee Chair)
    • Atlanta Councilmember District 4 Jason Dozier
    • Atlanta Councilmember District 5 Liliana Bakhtiari
    • Atlanta Councilmember District 11 Marci Collier Overstreet
    • Atlanta Councilmember District 12 Antonio Lewis
    • Atlanta Department of Transportation Commissioner Josh Rowan
    • MARTA Interim General Manager / Chief Executive Officer Collie Greenwood

    To transit riders: challenge your elected officials!

    • Contact your officials and ask them to take the challenge!
    • We’ve asked our elected officials to take the #TransitEquityDay Bus Challenge by taking public transit to work, run errands, and other activities in their daily lives to experience firsthand what it’s like to navigate bus and train lines in Metro Atlanta. Not only can you join Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens in taking the bus to work, but you may run into Councilmember Jason Dozier while waiting at a stop or Representative Bee Nguyen on her way to the Capitol. If you spot your elected official participating in the challenge, post a pic on social with the hashtag #TakeTransitATL and #RidingWithJason or #RidingWithBee. 

    • Even if you don’t see any officials out and about, you can still participate in the discussion with them by posting your transit commute with #TransitEquityDay #TakeTransitATL and letting everyone know what transit equity means to you. Posts on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #TakeTransitATL will appear below: 


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    It's time for Atlanta's leaders to elevate safe, equitable, sustainable mobility solutions to the top of the agenda.

    Join the movement by signing on to our equity & mobility policy agenda today.

    Thank you to the partner organizations who helped develop and support this agenda!

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    331 signatures

    Explore our 2021-2025 Policy Agenda Recommendations for City of Atlanta and Atlanta Board of Education:

    City of Atlanta: Safety

    Make streets measurably safer for people biking, walking, and using scooters or wheelchairs.

    Explore Safety Recommendations

    City of Atlanta: Transit & Affordability

    Increase access to transit and affordability of housing.

    Explore Transit & Affordability Recommendations

    City of Atlanta: Funding

    Comprehensively fund Atlanta's sustainable transportation infrastructure.

    Explore Funding Recommendations

    Atlanta Board of Education

    Make it possible for kids to safely get to and from school on foot, bike, transit, and other modes.

    Explore Board of Education Recommendations


    We urgently need Atlanta's leaders to adopt and implement equitable mobility recommendations.

    Transportation is an essential part of everyone’s life. When it doesn’t work well, we miss out on job opportunities, have limited access to housing options, are exposed to unsafe streets or polluted air, or have our freedom of movement restricted due to the lack of reasonable options. When transportation is good, it is essential — even enjoyable, because it just works. We might notice kids biking to school, experience the ease of crossing the street safely, or relax while listening to music as we look out the window from a bus in a dedicated lane.

    Yet as the pandemic continues, people face greater risks and barriers while in transit. Despite fewer miles driven, more people died on Georgia roads in 2020, likely due to an increase in speeding. And, people riding public transportation experienced dramatic cutbacks to bus routes, leading to longer walks to the nearest bus stop, often on streets that lack sidewalks.

    This policy agenda is about creating viable transportation options that are safe, easy, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

    Equitable transportation policies and projects provide physical and social mobility, as well as access to living-wage jobs, affordable housing, healthcare, and quality education. Affordable mobility options give people economic and social opportunities, especially in communities racially profiled for disinvestment that continue to suffer disproportionately from traffic fatalities. Green options reduce the transportation sector’s impact on climate change, an existential threat to communities.

    Working with our partners and stakeholders, we created three policy recommendation categories: Safety, Transit and Affordability, and Funding. In addition, we have a policy agenda for the Atlanta Board of Education. Please join us in sharing these recommendations with our leaders as we work to create a more equitable city through mobility.



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