What's happening with transit in Atlanta right now?

image credit: R. Serna

  • MARTA is redesigning its bus network and the results will affect current and future riders including your constituents.

    According to MARTA, the NextGen Bus project is a system-wide reimagining of the MARTA bus network: where the buses go, and how often. MARTA hasn’t done this in a long time, but the region’s needs and goals have changed. We need to make sure that the bus network is right for today, and tomorrow.”

    It’s essential that riders know about this process because it will affect their trips dramatically. It could benefit them with buses coming more often, or it could make trips more difficult if their route is eliminated. Riders can learn more and comment here: MARTA NextGen Bus

image credit: MARTA

  • MARTA and Georgia Tech are partnering on a 6-month pilot of a new on-demand transit service in 3 metro Atlanta communities in late February: MARTA Reach.

    This pilot is meant to test how on-demand shuttles can be used to make it easier and faster for transit riders to get to and from their destinations using MARTA. This will help understand how on-demand transit could help fill in the gaps and expand how many people can access the scheduled bus routes and trains.


  • Transit agencies across the country are facing severe staffing shortages. 

MARTA has reduced bus service to Saturday levels and cut some routes, and rail service is being affected as well.

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MARTA cancels train trips amid COVID-related staffing shortage


  • Riders can now get information on MARTA service in real-time using Google directions or apps such as Transit (find out if your bus is on-time or delayed).

MARTA now has standards-based real-time updates for buses. According to MARTA App Developer Resources: “GTFS-realtime was developed through a partnership between Google and a handful of transit agencies around the world. A GTFS real-time feed gives a “snapshot” of all the active buses operating at the moment.”

Check out Google Maps and select transit directions or download the Transit app.




  • This dashboard and report by Margaret Mullins evaluates the degree of equity that Atlanta’s Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) system provides in terms of access to jobs. 

Transportation is a human right. It determines what jobs people can apply for and how easily people can access fresh food. How much transportation costs — in both time and money — are critical factors in affordability. Commute times determine what other opportunities people can choose to be a part of — such as supporting a child’s after school activities, fitting in doctor appointments, and making time to exercise. For all these reasons and more, our public transportation systems should be convenient, effective, and affordable.