Welcome Senators-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

Congratulations to Senators-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff on their election to the United States Senate! We eagerly look forward to working with both of our new Georgia senators to adopt equitable federal policies that support people's transportation needs in ways that are sustainable, affordable, and healthy.

At the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, our mission is to reclaim Atlanta’s streets as safe, inclusive, and thriving places for people to ride, walk, and roll. A safe, inclusive, thriving place is one where making the decision to use a sustainable mode of transportation — like riding public transit, walking, using a wheelchair, or biking — is also the most free from danger, cost-effective, and convenient choice. 

We support sustainable, equitable transportation goals identified in Senator-elect Reverend Warnock and Senator-elect Ossoff’s policy platforms such as: 

  • “Reducing traffic pollution by improving and expanding public transportation” (WarnockforGeorgia.com).
  • “Investing in multi-modal transit to build communities of roads, bike lanes, and sidewalks” (WarnockforGeorgia.com).
  • “Increasing funding for local project developments in historically underserved areas and communities of color” (WarnockforGeorgia.com).
  • “Researching and investing in infrastructure around clean energy and transportation” (WarnockforGeorgia.com).
  • Prioritizing “investments in transportation and transit, clean energy, energy efficiency” (ElectJon.com).
  • “Dramatically reducing carbon emissions” (ElectJon.com). 

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is committed to making our city, state, and country better by eliminating racial injustices that have long existed in transportation and delivering practical avenues for everyone to choose mobility options that are sustainable, safe, healthy, and enjoyable. Our staff and board are thrilled to support Georgia’s two new senators as they go to work for Americans!