Shifting Gears Students Are on a Roll!

Look out, Atlanta, here come 600 empowered young people on bikes who are starting to demand safe routes to schools -- ALL schools -- across the city.

Last year, 5% of the second graders in Atlanta Public Schools completed a solid curriculum unit on bike safety through our Shifting Gears program. This year, we reached 13% -- and we aim to double that amount with classes in 18 APS elementary schools in 2020.

Children are learning how to run an Air-Brake-Chain Quick Check, communicate through turn signals and positioning, read traffic signs, power pedal start, and how to negotiate with other users on our city’s most plentiful public space - our streets.

Our goal is simple: Atlanta becomes the next city in the United States where policy is passed by the school board guaranteeing every child receives a safe cycling curriculum and where public funds are allocated to make this sustainable.

We want to thank our members and partners for helping us advance this goal: Bearings Bike Shop, BRAG Dream Team, Free Bikes 4 Kidz, and Atlanta Public Schools. We also want to thank the Bike Champions who are inspiring school kids to make bicycling a fun part of their daily lives. The 2019 Bike Champions Program was made possible by the Waterfall Foundation. 

“Leroy is now learning to balance and Jaquez now rides his bike to school,” Anthony Allen, Bike Champion at Finch Elementary School.

“Students learned to set up their own power pedal [starting position] on both sides. Super excited that one of my favorite students, Zion, began pedaling today!” Shakeesha Jeffries, Bike Champion at Peyton Forest Elementary School.