A Vote for Funding: Expectations, Past Realities, Future Need

Have you ever wanted more sidewalks, bike / Light Individual Transportation lanes, and safer streets in Atlanta? 

On May 24th, you will have the opportunity to vote on three ballot measures that will put over $460M over five years toward vital transportation projects in Atlanta, as part of an overall $750M infrastructure program. 

Our 2022 policy and infrastructure recommendations called for the City of Atlanta to fund infrastructure projects that prioritize sidewalks & safe streets for people. Let’s see how that worked out. According to the City’s webpage, the $460M in proposed transportation investments include the following categories:

  • $196.5M for sidewalks and trails 
  • $108M for safe streets projects and protected bike lane projects 
  • $40M for bridges and bridge matching funds to secure Federal Infrastructure Bill Funds 
  • $32M for street repairs  
  • $10M for traffic & pedestrian signals 
  • $39M for overhead including engineering management services 
  • $31.5M for an inflation reserve fund to ensure projects can be delivered  
  • $3.2M for Georgia sales tax administration costs

Of the $460M in proposed transportation investments, there’s $196.5M for sidewalks and trails and $108M for safe streets projects and protected bike lane projects = 66%. That means two-thirds of the projects prioritize sidewalks and safe streets for people! Check out these highlights of projects we're most excited to see built

Then, help ensure these projects are funded and hold elected and appointed officials accountable to build what they said they would build:

Vote YES on May 24th.

Visit sos.ga.gov to register, find your polling place, or access a sample ballot.