And the Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Neighborhood goes to...

And our Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Neighborhood goes to...

Kirkwood! For building bicycle amenities that support people biking and the local business district, Kirkwood wins the Bike-Friendly Blinkie this year. 

Kirkwood resident Carl Holt is known for his support of multi-modal transportation options (neighbors sometimes refer to him as the Mayor of MARTA). Last year he pulled together support from the Kirkwood Neighbors Organization and local businesses including Le Petit Marche and The Pullman to install a high capacity bike corral and a Fixit Stand.


The new bike racks are the perfect complement to the bike lane, which measures among the city's longest, extending from East Lake to Edgewood, and providing great access to Kirkwood Station right in the middle. 

Here are Carl's answers to our burning questions. 

1. How would you describe how your work (or play) has made Atlanta more bikeable? Don't be modest!
I want to give people options when it comes to transportation.
2. What motivates you and keeps you going?
Knowing that the changes I make will benefit future generations and give them transportation options.

3. If you had a magic wand and could wave it over Atlanta, what would happen?
Repair all the damage done to the cityscape, and start putting people before cars. Reconnect street grids, fix transit, remove surface parking lots and garages.