And the Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Business goes to...

And the Blinkie Award for Bike-Friendly Business goes to...

The Spindle! These guys. Brothers Sharif & Ezz-Eldin Hassan are among the most bike-friendly business owners we've ever come across, maybe because they started out as bikers, then went into business. The Spindle's mission is to find, test and recommend fashionable, functional clothing and cycling gear for commuters while giving them honest, illustrated reviews to accompany their finds.

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As Sharif put it,

"Years ago, I would be among a handful of cyclists, mainly other messengers, toughing out the frigid winter month. Today, I ride by students, professionals and recreational riders in terrible weather conditions.

At the end of the day, it's politics that will finalize everything - the intentions are good but execution is something different. The fact that it is on the mind of Georgia politicians and citizens alike can at least guarantee strides in a positive direction for Atlanta.

From bike racks on public transportation to bike lanes and now a bike share program, the city is adopting a 'shoot for the sky, land amongst the stars' mentality. At The Spindle, we are really looking forward to being a part of Atlanta’s growth into a more bike-friendly city."