What’s ahead for Atlanta Streets Alive: make car-free streets happen more often and inspire more Atlantans to choose sustainable transportation

Since the inaugural activation on Edgewood Avenue in 2010, each Atlanta Streets Alive has inspired more people to dream big about our streets as thriving public spaces. The joy of freely walking, playing, biking, wheeling, scooting, or skating without the danger of passing cars lets people experience the full potential of our streets — safe, enjoyable active transportation corridors that spontaneously transform into pop-up meeting spaces, playgrounds, dance parties, or ballfields.

Atlanta Streets Alive | Peachtree Street

From 2010-2019, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition hosted Atlanta Streets Alive activations two to four times per year, and in May 2020, we celebrated Atlanta Streets Alive’s 10th anniversary virtually. 

The 1.7 million Atlantans who attended Atlanta Streets Alive over the last decade affectionately recall lively street activations. After each Atlanta Streets Alive, we were peppered with questions from people asking: “When can we do this again?” And, “I want the streets to be like this every week/day.”

That’s why we’re excited to initiate a new era that imagines community members experiencing the joy of car-free streets on a regular basis — not as a special event that occurs just a few times a year. 

To propel Atlanta into the next phase of car-free street culture, one of our 2021 priorities is to collaborate with the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) to create a process that would allow car-free streets to happen more often. 

Working with the City and community to mobilize more frequent car-free street activations will strengthen our mission to reclaim Atlanta’s streets for people by transforming our city’s concept of car-free streets from a special occasion to a reliable part of our weekly routines. 

In the past, we coordinated 40-50 activity partners for each Atlanta Streets Alive. If we're going to close the street to car traffic more often, we need to streamline the coordination. The people who come to Atlanta Streets Alive provide all the activity — in both quantity and variety — we need! Car-free streets create more welcoming spaces for people to eat and shop, so this new chapter will continue the Atlanta Streets Alive tradition of experiencing streets as vibrant, active spaces for people while supporting our local communities. 

In the coming months, we look forward to engaging community members and ATLDOT to plan for a car-free street permitting process that makes choosing a sustainable transportation option more safe, enjoyable, and convenient for everyone.

We can’t wait to see how you bring Atlanta’s streets to life by walking, rolling, playing, and connecting in this new chapter for our streets!

2021 Priorities | Atlanta Bicycle Coalition