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    Community Advocates Network - December 9th

    The Community Advocates Network (CAN) is a network of neighborhood leaders, community members, and business owners from across the city who advocate for increased access and mobility in Atlanta through:


    better street design

    improved infrastructure

    increased transportation equity

    more sustainable transportation options

    transparent and just policies

    robust and equitable funding


     Join the Community Advocates Network (CAN) to connect with action-oriented advocates, learn about resources that will help your community, and become empowered in your safe streets advocacy.


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    2. Street Committees - Advocacy in Action

    Community advocates from High-Injury Network corridors are actively working to develop community-based, design-driven safety changes.  In 2021 we formed two street committees - Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Moreland Avenue. Committee members are residents and community members of each corridor working to advance the mobility, safety, equity, and affordability principles of the ONE Atlanta Strategic Transportation Plan. Ten street committee members completed our safe streets training in the fall of 2020. Each committee is working in their respective communities to introduce their work and build a coalition of support for safety recommendations. 

    Meet the Committee Members


    Want to support the street committees, ask questions, or provide feedback?

    This work is made possible with support from the Energy Foundation

    3. Atlanta Families for Safe Streets - Families in the Fight

    Atlanta Families for Safe Streets (AFSS) is a local chapter of the national Families for Safe Streets organization. Families for Safe Streets connects individuals who have lost loved ones or have been injured in a crash with support and training to use their experiences to advocate for change. The Atlanta chapter was put on hold during covid-19 and has not been reactivated yet - we are fundraising to be able to fully staff and support this program. 

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    The goal of this state road project is to make Moreland Avenue safer for people on foot and on bike, between Mansfield and Austin Aves. (Several years ago, a person riding a bike was killed in this section as they pulled out onto Moreland.)

    The state DOT's concept report states "studies show that an increase in pedestrian, cycling and vehicular volumes has taken place along the corridor. Crash data from 2008-2013 indicates that approximately 252 crashes occurred along SR 42/Moreland Ave from Dekalb Ave to McClendon Ave. Of these crashes, six were pedestrian injuries and one was a bike fatality." 

    Neighborhood bike advocates and the City of Atlanta Planning Office have been involved in the design, and did not settle for painted bike lanes. Instead, the current design includes a raised bike lane, as well as wider sidewalks and safe crossings. While barrier-separated, protected bike lanes on busy roads are always the safest option, they may not be possible on Moreland because NACTO guidelines recommend a minimum of 3' to add a raised barrier.

    Here’s what was presented at the public meeting June 7, 2017:

    • Bike lanes raised 3” above the street level and 3” below the sidewalk level.

    • Bike lanes would be 7’ wide - including a 2’ painted buffer.

    • Timeline - During Summer 2017, they will stripe standard bike lanes for a quick safety improvement and reduce lane widths on general lanes to reduce speeds. In 2019, bicycle lanes upgraded to raised.

    Here's what we told GDOT - feel free to include this in your comment supporting the project:

    1. We support high quality, raised bike lanes and pedestrian crossings for SR 42/Moreland Avenue from Dekalb Avenue to Mansfield Avenue. 
    2. To make the project even better, find a way to add a barrier between the raised bike lane and the general travel lane, so that people on bikes are separated from all those trucks. While the idea of separating people on foot from those on bikes is a good one, it's all relative. Trucks have the potential to do more damage to a person biking in a crash, so we think it's more important to separate those two modes from each other.

    3. Add a crossing near the DeKalb Avenue interchange, and make the exit ramp from DeKalb form a "T" intersection, to encourage drivers entering Moreland to make a full stop first.

    4. We like the diagonal crossing at Euclid as a way to make that crossing safer and easier for people on bikes, and it helps make up for the lack of bike lanes north of Euclid. 

    Read GDOT's Response to Public Comment Here: GDOT's Response to 6/7/17 Open House Comments

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