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    Community Advocates Network


    Neighbors can be the most effective advocates for safe streets in communities.  The assets community members bring can make all the difference when it comes to determining policy and securing resources.  It is imperative that there are deliberate spaces for leaders to share tools and enrich knowledge.

    That's why we created the Community Advocates Network: to provide the deliberate space needed for neighborhood transportation leaders to connect, share information, and learn from each other, with the intent of transferring gained knowledge to the communities they serve.

    Our goal is to develop, engage, and inform community advocates for safe streets by creating a sustainable and effective network of advocates from neighborhoods in every City Council district, prioritizing communities in the High Injury Network

    We support this network by providing regular virtual meeting spaces, to provide information and resources pertinent to your work, and to facilitate a critical space for community interactions.

    To join CAN

    In order to join, you must currently serve in one of the following roles: 

    1. Neighborhood Planning Unit chair or neighborhood association president
    2. As chairperson for either your Neighborhood Planning Unit or neighborhood association of one of the following committees: 
      1. Transportation 
      2. Planning/Zoning 
      3. Public Safety
    3. Safe Routes to School campus leader at an Atlanta K-12 campus

    If your organization doesn’t have any of these committees, we can talk with you about getting one started. 

    Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch! 

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    Volunteers make our wheels turn! We'd love to have your help with our work.


    Opportunities are ongoing and provide an insider experience of how the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is making Atlanta better by bike. As a volunteer, you could support a specific project, help with clerical tasks like data entry and database management in the office, assist with event preparations, and other essential tasks. 

    Plus, several times a year, volunteers support Atlanta Streets Alive, connecting neighborhoods and opening streets for walking, biking and playing. Your help creates a healthy, sustainable and vibrant street experience for each route. Click here for Atlanta Streets Alive volunteer opportunities.

    For more about our volunteer opportunities, contact

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    Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, affectionately known as RDA, serves as a major corridor for schools, historic neighborhoods, and businesses in Southwest Atlanta. RDA is a large street with fast traffic and a lonely stretch of bike lane between Murphy Ave and I-85. The road, whether by bike or by car, is often perilous due to potholes, debris, and jagged train tracks.

    RDA turns into Georgia Avenue and runs through seven amazing Atlanta neighborhoods: Westview, West End, Adair Park, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville, Summerhill, and Grant Park.

    The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition connects these neighborhoods at Atlanta Streets Alive. You can help make this a more livable, walkable, and bikeable corridor all year-round by supporting our campaign for bike lanes and regular maintenance on RDA and Georgia Avenue.

    In addition to bike lanes on RDA and Georgia Avenue, we are advocating for:

    • Resurfacing and repairing dangerous potholes on RDA
    • Regularly maintaining this critical corridor by sweeping trash and debris
    • Paving over the hazardous out-of-use train tracks
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