What happened to Cycle Atlanta 2.0?

Recently, the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) announced a partnership with five cities to "Rapidly Design and Build Low-Carbon Transportation Projects by 2020." 

In the release, Mayor Bottoms said: “Atlanta is poised to build a 21st Century transportation system. With our forthcoming launch of the city’s first-ever Department of Transportation and access to the NACTO network’s expertise, we will emerge from the Climate Challenge with world-class bike lanes, important new sidewalk connections, and a team ready to deliver sustainable mobility options for all Atlantans.”

This is excellent news and we are looking forward to learning more about what this means for the City. 

But let's not forget the City has already designed two sets of projects that would add bike lanes, safe crossings, and sustainable mobility for the last mile of people's trips -- these projects just haven't been built yet.

1. Cycle Atlanta 2.0 adopted in the Atlanta Transportation Plan. Based on rough cost estimates, the projects identified in Cycle Atlanta 2.0 would cost $10-15 million. Cycle Atlanta 2.0 included a safety project on West Lake Avenue, where a young man was killed in a car crash May 17th, as he pulled out of the MARTA station on a scooter.

2. Four "quick-build" projects received community and City Council approval almost two years ago, including this one on Whitehall Street that would make this key connection safer for all modes of transportation. 

If you want to see the City tackle these important projects to add safety and mobility for all of us, let your City Councilmember know (you can use this tool to find yours).