Link to Map: http://blocked-lane-map.herokuapp.com/

Take a picture of the motor vehicle blocking the bike lane. Email it from your phone to [email protected]. Continue biking to your destination knowing that you just helped the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition collect valuable data to improve bike lane policies in the city. Your picture will automatically upload to the Unblock the Lane map here. 



The goal of Unblock the Lane is to identify and document hot spots around the city, then discern whether the bike lane design needs to be altered to enhance protection, discourage violations, or if there are situational conditions that must be addressed.

This is not an enforcement campaign. We will share the information gathered in the map with the City of Atlanta and local agencies as they consider proactive policies for parking enforcement. This map will illustrate that bike lane obstructions should be enforced.

Thank you to Jordan Streiff, longtime ABC member and advocate for creating the crowd-sourcing map! 




To make sure that photos are processed and added to the map, you must follow these three steps.

1. ENABLE GEOTAGGING ON YOUR PHONE: Make sure geotagging is enabled on your phone, so that the photo's location is attached to the photo. (Instructions for iPhone and Android below.)

2. SEND THE EMAIL FROM YOUR PHONE TO [email protected]. If you load the photo onto your computer first, before you send it, the location data that we need might be removed from the photo.

3. INCLUDE ANY NOTES IN SUBJECT LINE: Not necessary, but if there's any extra info you'd like to share, please include it in the subject line.

Enable iOS Geotagging: bit.ly/enableios

Enable Android Geotagging: bit.ly/enableandroid





 Your safety is more important than taking a photo of a motor vehicle in the bike lane.

DO NOT engage or take pictures of the driver or passengers.

DO NOT focus on the license plate.

This does not replace calling Park Atlanta. To report a blocked bike lane in the City of Atlanta, call (404) 750-2263.