The Gym Vs. The Great Outdoors


While thousands flock to the gyms to fulfill their New Years resolutions, we thought we'd bring some humor into it. Now, don't get us wrong---whatever gets you active is worth doing! If a gym provides the accountability or social interactions needed to get your heart rate up, then it's totally worth joining! On the other hand, if you're feeling guilty for not rushing to the cross-fit gym, or if you just despise indoor exercise (yes, I do too), then click the pictures and enjoy a little humor with us. 

Total Women's Cycling breaks down the pro's and cons, especially related to time and cost.womens_cycling.jpg

It's true--biking just might be more effective than a gym workout.


This has nothing to do with biking, but it might as well!


 And...if all else falls, Atlanta Streets Alive can be your reason to get active! ASA-logo.png