Teen Bikes To School For Entire Year

rainy_star.pngWe're so impressed! Tait Rosbottom, a 15 year old, rising sophomore at Maynard Jackson High School has biked to school EVER SINGLE DAY this year! Rain or shine, everyday. Not only is he an inspiration to bike commuters, especially those who have other transportation options (aka temptations) on rainy days, Tait is an inspiration to those desiring to live healthy, sustainable lives. 

Oh, and get this. On top of riding to school each day, he does his own maintenance on the bike HE BUILT himself! 

I mean, seriously. How awesome is this kid!?


While not biking to school, he's navigating the city by bike for his job with Compost Wheels.  And when asked about how he managed to commute each day while many kids are focused on those 4,000lb 4 wheel machines, he said, "Biking to school was an excellent way to start my day. I challenged myself to ride everyday to school, rain or shine. I was able to set goals."

Go Tait Go!

You're an inspiration to us!