Staff Find Meaning & Excitement


We spend a great deal of our time, energy, passion, and tears on Atlanta Streets Alive. It embodies so much of what we believe in. And, the good news is that we think it's a blast! With that, we figured it was time to shed light on some of the personal things that make it so special for us. 

ben_cut_out_.pngBen: "What's that feeling you get when you bike away from an activity hub and the music gradually fades away until all you can hear is the clicking of your freewheel? It's the elegance of moving through the city on your bicycle. And it's an experience I hope everyone has when they attend Atlanta Streets Alive." 

keisa_cutout.pngKeisa: "The pure joy of walking, biking, and/or rolling on a street not clogged by cars and the horrible smells and obnoxious honking. During ASA people smile more, people laugh more - and an 'open street' helps to break down contrived divides."

jordyne_cut_out.pngJordyne: "We have enough. Atlanta Streets Alive reminds us of that. There is noTHING that we try to buy, no celebrity to stalk, no reason to explore other than for exploration itself. It's a reminder to slow down while remembering to be active. It's a call to live a life where we roam the streets together, all enjoying the journey, less obsessed with the end."

heather_cutout.pngHeather: "I love how Atlanta Streets Alive connects neighborhoods and brings people together. You just can't help but smile and be really proud of our city! Each route is heavily shaped by the neighborhood and communities they are in, so on a route that covers 7 neighborhoods like this one you get to see the many unique aspects of Atlanta. After all each neighborhood comes ALIVE in a different way.

For this route, I have to admit that I am bit partial to West End and Adair Park because I have lived/currently live in these areas. Music in the Park, which is spearheaded by Kebbi Williams and the energy they bring to the streets is amazing!"

heather_cut_out.pngHaydee: "For me, the best part of Atlanta Streets Alive is witnessing the radiant smiles, knowing nods and relaxed embraces shared as each person savors the overwhelming sense of community and freedom drawn from experiencing our city streets in this way. It's a rush that never fades! On this particular route, I can't wait to get my bike detailed. Who can pass up a free spring shine?!"


See you on April 23rd from 2-6pm for Atlanta Streets Alive: Southside!