Neighborhood Planning Units and Neighborhoods call for safety for Cascade

As traffic safety concerns grow more and more pressing on Cascade and other High Injury Network streets in SW Atlanta, it's inspiring to see neighbors organizing for safe streets for all. 

Recently, Neighborhood Planning Units S and T, in coordination with neighborhood organizations lining Cascade, and working alongside the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, came together to advocate much-needed and long-overdue safety improvements for Cascade. 

They researched and wrote this excellent letter, saying 

In 2015, Southwest Atlanta was promised a transformation of Cascade Avenue into a Complete Street. That promise has not been kept; and while we understand that sometimes money runs short and projects are postponed, in the case of Cascade delay literally means death. Atlanta can do better. Atlanta must do better. 

The communities of Beecher-Donnelly, Westview, West End, Cascade Avenue, and Venetian Hills, along with Neighborhood Planning Units S and T, banded together to ask that improvements to the Cascade corridor be made through the funded Renew Atlanta / TSPLOST resurfacing project. They want things like more reasonable car speeds, safer places to cross the street, traffic calming, sidewalks, and yes, even bike lanes. 

Safe and complete streets improve connectivity to transit, jobs, schools, social and recreational destinations, healthcare, and other services.

The way to achieve safe, complete, and inclusive streets is through community engagement -- that's why we involved community members of Southwest Atlanta in helping us select the next Atlanta Streets Alive route. Whether we are advocating for bike lanes, safe crossings, or Complete Streets, all the streets in our city should be safe for all people. 

Stay tuned for how you can support our campaign to #RespectCascade at the next Atlanta Streets Alive: Southwest, and join us as we continue to mobilize community support for safe streets for all.