Monroe & 10th

Many of you have joined us in calling for structural changes to the intersection of 10th and Monroe where young Alexia Hyneman was tragically hit and killed in February 2016. ABC joined forces with PEDS to call for changes to make the busy BeltLine intersection safe for people. 

The City of Atlanta and Midtown Alliance responded with the following completed improvements:

  • Automated walk/don't walk signals
  • Reduced wait time to cross Monroe
  • Accelerated the start date for the Monroe Drive Complete Streets project
  • Prohibited right turns on red

and the following work in progress improvements:

  • Separate pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the crosswalk on the northern leg of the intersection
  • Reconfigure travel lanes on Monroe Drive between 10th Street and 8th Street
  • Upgrade street lighting where needed
  • Install speed detection cameras with flashing warning on both approaches along Monroe Drive 
  • Install a "Smart Walk" pedestrian detection system to extend the walk phase for the BeltLine crossing at Monroe
  • Exclusive pedestrian phase (this means all cars would be stopped and everyone on foot/bike would cross from all corners at same time)

As a community that looks out for each other, thank you for raising your voices to make our city safer for everyone.