City of Atlanta engineers and planners tour existing and future bike infrastructure


We took City of Atlanta Public Works engineers on a bike tour, to give staff responsible for designing and installing new bikeways the experience of using them. It was a big success! Now they want to make this a monthly event and extend the opportunity to others at the city. Read more for quotes from the ride.


We started with Edgewood and Auburn (this was very eye opening), then headed to the BeltLine, 10th Street (protected bike lanes) and Charles Allen (future protected bike lanes).

As you can see, we had a blast! Special thanks to @CivilBikes for helping make it possible!

A few quotes:

"The ride gave me more empathy for people on bikes."

"Amazing what a two foot buffer can do for the bike lane experience."

"This bike box rocks!"

"I made a mental note of the potholes and gaps. We need to get those fixed."

"I can't wait until the BeltLine connects the whole city."