Become an NPU-V Atlanta Bike Champion

JOB TITLE: Atlanta Bike Champion
APPLICATION DUE: Tuesday, September 5, 2017
START DATE: October 2017
DURATION: October 2017- April 2018 (possible extension to June). Includes 40 hours of training (October 20-28, nights and weekends, over nine days), followed by a commitment of 10 hours/week
COMPENSATION: $750/month + bike share pass + MARTA card
REPORTS TO: Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Community Organizer
LINK TO APPLY (or fill out text below and print)

BACKGROUND: The City of Atlanta’s Relay Bike Share system launched in 2016 with 100 bicycles at ten stations, introducing short-term bike rentals among Atlanta’s public transportation options. In April 2017, the City expanded to 500 bicycles and 70+ bike share stations and will grow to 1,000 bikes, with a focus on installing stations south of I-20. As the City continues to increase access to bike share, the system will soon include Atlanta’s NPU-V neighborhoods of Adair Park, Capitol Gateway, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, and Summerhill. Photo-RelayBikeShareBikesatStation.JPG

The Atlanta Bike Champions program launched last fall as a program of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (ABC) in collaboration with the City of Atlanta, Relay Bike Share, and other community partners as a way to foster inclusive, city-wide use of the bike share system.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: The Atlanta Bike Champions program was started with support from the Better Bike Share Partnership, an organization focused on creating equitable bike share systems across the country. This cohort of Champions is also funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which funds the creation of innovative, cost-effective responses to the issues that negatively affect children: poverty, unnecessary disconnection from family and communities with limited access to opportunity.

This program’s goals are to

  • Improve community wellness and connectedness (both social and spatial) in NPU-V
  • Contribute to the sense among NPU-V communities that biking is beneficial for everyone (and not a niche or an exclusive activity)
  • Increase the sense of ownership NPU-V residents and community organizations have of bike share and bikeways, both in their neighborhoods and in their city

The Atlanta Bike Champions will achieve these goals by organizing and participating in outreach activities that

  • Raise awareness of bike share and biking as a healthy form of recreation and a useful means of transportation in NPU-V
  • Provide fun, compelling opportunities for NPU-V community members to experience the benefits of biking and of using bike share
  • Engage residents in the planning and launch of Relay Bike Share in NPU-V

In collaboration with community-based nonprofits and partners, the program will provide Atlanta Bike Champions with an enriching work environment and the fulfilling experience of contributing to the development of a bike share system that reflects the vibrancy and community spirit of Atlanta’s NPU-V neighborhoods.



  • Complete a comprehensive 40-hour training on the Relay Bike Share program, biking in Atlanta, bike safety, outreach strategies and professional development. 
  • Attend monthly Neighborhood Planning Unit & neighborhood association meetings
  • Identify and attend 2 community events/festivals per month
  • Identify and set up a meeting about bike share with an interested group (such as a local church/faith institution, business, or school) - at least 1 meeting per month
  • Lead bike share classes
  • Assist people with signing up for bike share
  • Distribute brochures and collect contact information for interested community members
  • Collect stories with potential to be shared by ABC and partners


  • Available for training Oct 20-28 nights and weekend (40 hours total)
  • Lives in and has close ties to an NPU V neighborhood
  • Communicates effectively with people of all ages, abilities, cultural groups, income levels, and sexual orientations
  • Comfortable presenting information to groups (public speaking)
  • Punctuality and good attendance
  • Persistence, professionalism, creativity
  • Problem-solving skills, flexibility, self-motivation
  • Willingness to learn about biking in the city
  • Commitment to following traffic safety laws and using all appropriate bike safety gear, including helmets and lights


  • Interest in working with bike sharing systems.
  • Interest in supporting and informing the communities they live and work in
  • Familiarity with navigating around the communities of Atlanta’s NPU V 


  • The weeks of Sept 26-Oct 2-6, with option to choose morning, lunchtime, or evening


  1. Online application form - or 
  2. Mail printed application to

LaMiiko Moore, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition
Re: Bike Champions
889 Wylie St SE
Atlanta, GA 30316 

If you have questions about the position, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and safe and welcoming spaces for people of all races, religions, national origins, marital status, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, abilities, ages, veteran status, or political affiliations.



Print the text below and mail, or fill out the online application:

JOB TITLE: NPU V Bike Share Champion program
COMPENSATION: $750/month  + bike share pass + MARTA cards
START DATE: October 2017
DURATION:  40 Hour Training (nights and weekends Oct 20-28) followed by 10 hours/week November 2017-April 2018 (may be extended to June 2018)
REPORT TO: Atlanta Bicycle Coalition / Community Organizer



Name (First & Last): __________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________


City: ___________ State:______  Zip:____________  Age:______


Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy): _________________________________________


What is your racial or ethnic identification? __________________________


What is your gender?__________________________


E-mail: ______________________________________________________


Phone (xxx) xxx – xxxx: __________________________________________


1. What neighborhood do you live in? _______________________________

2. How long have you lived in Atlanta? ________________________________



3. What kinds of transportation do you use often? (ex. MARTA, bike, walk, drive, carshare, drive alone)



4. Do you have experience biking in Atlanta? (Yes/No)

- Yes-

If yes- do you consider yourself (circle one)...

  • Very strong  // Confident //  Cautious


If not, what interests you about biking? ____________________________________________________________


5.  What hobbies/activities do you enjoy the most?



6. What would you like to gain from this program? (please include both professional goals and bike related goals)


7. What do you hope this program will provide for your community?


8. What community organization(s) do you volunteer or have a connection with (for example - church/faith, neighborhood organizations, local non-profits, etc. )

9. Select all the days and times you could be available for meetings and training (first training will include a full weekend Friday-Sunday; other trainings will be scheduled based on the availability of those selected to be Champions and child care will be provided):

Check all that apply:

Mondays 9-12 ; 5-8; 6-9

Tuesdays 9-12 ; 5-8; 6-9

Wednesdays 9-12 ; 5-8; 6-9

Thursdays 9-12 ; 5-8; 6-9

Fridays 9-12 ; 5-8; 6-9

Saturdays 9-12 ; 12-3; 3-6

Sundays 9-12 ; 12-3; 3-6


10. Can you commit to attending a 40-hour training and 10 hours a week after the training?

11. How did you hear about this opportunity?

Community member (please specify):

Social Media (please specify):

Non-Profit Organization (please specify):

Neighborhood Organization (please specify):

News Outlet (please specify):

Job Center (please specify):

Other (please specify):

Oct 20-28 nights and weekend (40 hours total)