The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is seeking a Business Network Fellow to engage and leverage the powerful voice of business to advance the goal of better biking.

In cities across the country, business communities are embracing the benefits of bikeways. From augmenting their bottom line to enhancing the communities they operate in, bicycle infrastructure and initiatives are increasingly popular with businesses, from the small retail operation to the large white-collar employer of thousands. Cities with convenient and connected bike networks see benefits including higher retail sales at local businesses on bikeways, better attraction and retention of an educated workforce, healthcare cost reductions, and more.

Atlanta stands to benefit from these projects in the near future, with several protected bikeways in the works and the potential for the basis of a connected network in the near future.

Atlanta has been selected by PeopleForBikes as a Green Lane Project city, and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition as an organizational host for a Business Network Fellowship. This person will build relationships via a business outreach program that reinforces our goal of becoming a city where bicycling is safe, convenient, and attractive.

Read more for a job description and details on how to apply.