Business and Bikes

bbikes.pngWhat is Business & Bikes?

The Business & Bikes program is an initiative of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. The event component of the program invites bicyclists to patronize a pre-determined business or business community and spend money.

Why Business & Bikes?

The purpose of this initiative is to support local business communities and highlight the significant spending power & economic impact of the bicycle community. ABC believes that such an initiative will have a positive impact on the perception of people who bike and assist in further developing long-term bicycle infrastructure in Atlanta.

How does Business & Bikes work?

Participants bike to a designated business community and receive a postcard to log purchases from businesses. Those purchases are then reported back to business owners and community members to show the profound impact that people on bikes have on the local economy. 

When is it?  

August 19, 2016! We'll meet at Piedmont Park at 5:30pm and then bike to Peachtree Street. RSVP here

How does this affect bike infrastructure?  

Our members have been advocating for protected bike lanes on Peachtree Street. Most of the push-back has come from fear of removing some on-street parking and the affect it would have on business. However, many signature streets have seen a significant boost in the local economy after adding bike lanes. We want to show our support for local businesses on Peachtree Street by letting business owners see firsthand how we stand behind them and how bike lanes will benefit them! You can read more about our #ReimaginePeachtree campaign here.