What I'm voting for on November 7th

Our desire for healthy, sustainable, and equitable transportation options in the city of Atlanta has never been greater. But we know that good planning is sometimes sacrificed in the name of political expediency.

Between the voter-approved Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond, TSPLOST, and the MARTA sales tax, the city has $3 billion to invest in new transportation facilities. Proposed projects include 90 miles of bike lanes, Complete Streets, neighborhood greenways, streetscapes, new buses and infill rail stations, and other projects.

Your vote for Atlanta's next mayor will determine whether projects that would make Atlanta's streets safer for people walking and biking actually get built.

Transportation not only affects how we move but where and how we live.

It plays a role in access to affordable housing, jobs, schools, and grocery stores, the air we breathe, whether your kid has asthma attacks, and if you die needlessly just trying to get where you’re going. It also affects the amount of time people can spend with their families and how safe they feel in public spaces. 


Investments in biking, walking, and transit contribute to improved environmental and individual health. They can also provide more equitable job and housing opportunities.

Following through on improving how Atlanta moves requires leadership and political will.

Please read the responses to our mayoral questionnaire to find out where the next Mayor of Atlanta stands on prioritizing biking, walking, and transit and make a #VOTELOCAL Plan.



* #VOTELOCAL is a campaign from the Center for Civic Innovation designed to engage the local Atlanta community in the upcoming elections.