Atlanta City Council approves Infrastructure Bond list

Atlanta City Council voted unanimously to APPROVE the $250 million Infrastructure Bond project list Monday, May 4, after a lively discussion. Councilmembers previously asked for a breakdown of the project list by council district, an amendment that apparently was met, although we haven't seen the breakdown yet.

How will the money be spent on local projects?

The language in the resolution will give Councilmembers the flexibility to spend their local funds on projects their constituents have requested, and to allow the list to be updated over time. That means involvement with your neighborhood and getting to know your Councilmember remain as important as ever!

What are the projects on the citywide list?

The projects spelled out on the citywide list were not changed. 

What's the status on the oversight committee?

An oversight committee will meet quarterly - Councilmember Kwanza Hall introduced legislation that would add one appointee from PEDS and one from ABC to the City's accountability commission for the infrastructure bond.

How will the progress be tracked?

Councilmember Andre Dickens asked Public Works to create a dashboard so the public can easily track progress of the projects on the list.

Thanks to our members and supporters for staying with us through this process! We'll continue to work on this project throughout the next year, and we'll be sure to keep you updated!

Contact your Councilmember to make sure bike lanes are included on the soon-to-be resurfaced streets, especially those that overlap with Connect Atlanta, the city's comprehensive transportation plan.