Policy Platform for 2017 City Elections

The demand for transportation options in the city of Atlanta has never been greater than it is now. Atlanta voters approved the Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond in 2015 and TSPLOST in 2016, funding transportation projects totaling more than half a billion dollars, including 90 miles of bike lanesneighborhood greenways, and Complete Streets.

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has witnessed the growth in this pent up demand year after year, all across the city, through Atlanta Streets Alive, our award-winning open streets initiative. Last year, Street Alive connected 16 neighborhoods and attracted more than 370,000 people. We owe the popularity of this initiative to Atlanta residents' appetite for safe waya to connect with their community and get around the city by bike, foot, and transit.

The need to deliver safe, high-quality bike projects has never been more critical to Atlanta’s quality of life--and to its future. That’s why we worked with the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation to create the Chief Bicycle Officer, a full-time position dedicated to bicycle planning and design in the Department of Planning & Community Development at the City. And it’s why we’re working with community partners on the equitable expansion of Relay Bike Share  and community outreach through the Atlanta Bike Champions program.

Atlanta is finally shedding its image as the poster child for sprawl, and people are taking notice. Just last year, Atlanta made the list of Top 50 Best Bike Cities by Bicycling Magazine for the first time.

Atlanta is poised to take the next big leap forward. But it needs elected officials with the vision and commitment to deliver high-quality projects consistent with urban design practices that encourage mobility and discourage snarling gridlock. It needs leaders with the courage to put the safety of people before high-speed traffic that places our families and vulnerable road users at risk on a daily basis.

Here are the core policies and goals we believe the next Mayor and City Council must adopt if Atlanta wants to continue to compete for the best talent in the world while improving the quality of life for Atlantans who have been historically disadvantaged and marginalized by a lack of transportation options. 

7 bike and votes


  • Create a City of Atlanta Department of Transportation, for a cohesive transportation planning and project delivery process that better leverages resources
  • Adopt the Street Design Policy drafted by the Department of Planning

  • Make housing more affordable by eliminating the minimum number of car parking spaces required for housing developments


  • Build 100 NEW miles of high-quality bike lanes and trails (we currently have 104 miles) to connect the city,  including 20 NEW miles of protected bike lanes (we currently have 4 miles)

  • Publish schedule for sweeping streets with bike lanes, and prioritize bike lanes for clean up after winter storms

  • Add a $2.5 million line item to the City’s General Fund annually, to connect gaps in the bikeway network and enhance safety of existing projects

  • Ensure quality bicycle transportation by hiring transportation engineers with training and experience designing bicycle projects


  • Set a city goal of zero traffic deaths, and create a data-driven approach in which multiple city departments collaborate to reduce roadway crashes and fatalities to zero, because no one should die trying to get where they are going.

  • Prevent fatal roadway crashes by standardizing the speed limit on residential streets to 25 mph


  • Provide access to last-mile healthy transportation options by prioritizing installation of bike share stations in low-income, disinvested, and disconnected neighborhoods


  • Blinkies Award and Member Party: Friday, February 10 (Thank you to the candidates who attended this event and engaged with 275 active ABC Members. Click here to see the photos!)

  • Rolling Town Hall: Saturday, May 20 RSVP HERE

  • Mayoral Forum: September (date pending)

  • Candidate Row at Atlanta Streets Alive: April 23 (Thank you to the candidates who attended this event. Click here to see the photos!), June 11 (RSVP to come), September 24

Questions about our platform or our engagement events? Please contact Bennett Foster at ben@atlantabike.org or call 404-881-1112 x 2.

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