Adopt your neighborhood or NPU for better biking!

As Atlanta continues down the path towards becoming a truly bike-friendly city, one key to progress is for neighborhoods to become more bikeable. And with the city funding in place to build more bike projects, joining your neighborhood association might be the best way to help that happen!  

We strongly encourage all ABC supporters to attend neighborhood meetings to voice support for bike lanes and paths and to consider becoming a Neighborhood Bike Liaison - sign up here or attend a meeting, below. Here's a map of bike liaisons.

Upcoming meetings & projects

Bike-Friendly Neighborhood Liaison Meetups

  • Eastside: Wed, October 9th from 8-9PM, ABC office (692 Kirkwood Ave #C1 30316, in Cabbagetown) RSVP via Facebook or by email

  • Westside: Wed, October 30th from 6-7PM, Boxcar Grocer (249 Peters St 30313, in Castleberry Hill). RSVP via Facebook or by email

Come find out more about what's happening in neighborhoods across the city, and get signed up to represent for better biking in your own community. Residents from all over the city are welcome to attend either meeting - the westside/eastside split is just to make the meeting locations convenient. 



Bike Score of Midtown, Atlanta, GA

** Midtown & Old Fourth Ward (West): Charles Allen/Parkway cycle track **

A physically separated cycle track is proposed for Charles Allen / Parkway between 4th Street and Freedom Parkway. Some of the on-street parking on one side of the street may be removed to accommodate this high quality bikeway. To support this and the many other bicycle improvements coming to Midtown and the Old Fourth Ward, join your neighborhood association!

The Midtown Neighbors Association Board meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Jason's Deli at Piedmont and 10th.

The Fourth Ward West Neighbors Association meets on the first Monday of each month from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Century Skyline Apartments - 396 Ralph McGill Blvd (map)You can also follow Fourth Ward West on Facebook.

Other upcoming, approved projects in the area

  • 10th Street cycle track from Monroe Drive to Charles Allen (second phase will extend to Piedmont Road). 
  • Ponce de Leon Avenue buffered bike lane from Juniper to Ponce de Leon Place. Construction scheduled for late July / early August 2013. Details coming soon.


Bike Score of Castleberry Hill, Atlanta, GA

** Castleberry Hill: Walker Street cycle track **

A physically separated cycle track is proposed and funded for Walker Street. Some of the on-street parking on one side of the street may be removed to accommodate this high quality bikeway. 

The Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at The Granite Room – 211 Peters St SW

Recently presented

Lake Claire: McLendon Ave bike lane

Update:  a bike lane on one side of McLendon was approved by a neighborhood vote of 21 to 2. This "climbing lane" on the north side of McLendon will help bike riders tackle the hills of Lake Claire, in one direction anyway. Parking was preferred for the south side of the street. 

Bike Score of Downtown, Atlanta, GA

Downtown: Peachtree Center Avenue Cycletrack

Update: The Atlanta Downtown Improvement District and the City of Atlanta held an open house to gather feedback on a proposed cycletrack along Peachtree Center Avenue between Peachtree Street and Edgewood Avenue. A cycletrack is a separated bicycle facility that runs alongside a roadway. The proposed cycletrack will convert the westernmost northbound lane on Peachtree Center Avenue to a two-way, 8-foot-wide cycle track with 2-foot minimum buffer delineated by thermoplastic striping, flexible plastic bollards, and durable green pavement markings in conflict zones. On-street parking and/or formal loading zones will be provided along the east side of Peachtree Center Avenue.