DeKalb Ave

DeKalb Avenue is riddled with potholes, has an outdated and dangerous reversible center lane (aka "suicide lane"), lacks bike lanes, and backs up at key intersections due to the lack of turn lanes. But it could be so much more! DeKalb Avenue should be transformed into a Complete Street by removing the center "suicide" lane, repaving, and turn lanes, bike lanes, and safer crossings.

These simple changes would transform this currently dangerous street into a safe and accessible connection from Decatur to Atlanta for thousands of residents.

Whether you walk, bike, drive, take transit, or all of the above, fixing DeKalb Avenue would benefit you. Let's increase safety, decrease congestion, and connect our communities.  

  • The ask: Transform DeKalb Avenue a Complete Street by removing the center "suicide" lane, then repaving, adding turn lanes, bike lanes, and safer pedestrian crossings.
  • In 2015 DeKalb Avenue was added to city of Atlanta's list of Complete Streets projects to be funded with the Renew Atlanta bond. We advocated for the city to "fill the gap" that would exist between the limits of the city project in Renew Atlanta and the existing bike lanes where DeKalb Ave becomes Decatur Street, including media, a bike ride, and attendance at public meetings
  • In the summer of 2016 we anticipate a completed traffic study by the city of Atlanta, to be followed by public meetings about the project in September. 

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