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Peachtree Street connects Downtown and Midtown and is Atlanta's most iconic street, home to major landmarks and the heart of the city. It provides the city’s best access to MARTA with multiple train stations and bus routes; it's central for tourists, residents exploring the city, and businesses large and small. 

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition envisions a Peachtree Street that’s safe for people to bike or walk. We want high-quality, protected bike lanes separated from cars by on-street parking where space permits, with protected left turn lanes at key intersections.



Reason 1. Bikes are good for business. Studies show that people on bikes frequent shops more often than drivers, and make purchases more often.

Reason 2. Customers need access to shops. Bike lanes already exist on the south end of Peachtree Street, but they unfortunately end before hitting the commercial areas. 

Reason 3. Bike share is coming this summer! The city is offering hundreds of bike share (rental) bikes for people to use on Peachtree, but without protected bike lanes, people may not feel safe. 



The answer is simple: Become an Advocate for Bike Lanes on Peachtree! Here’s how:


Step 1. Bike to businesses on Peachtree Street. Carrying your helmet into the store is always the way to go. You can also stop by the ABC office to get a bike pin.

Step 2. When you’re patronizing a business on Peachtree Street, let them know that you support bike lanes on Peachtree and as a customer, would frequent their establishment more often if it was safe and accessible by bike. You can also remind them that Relay Bike Share is coming this summer and tourists, residents, and workers in Atlanta need to be able to access their business by bike. 

Step 3. Make it go VIRAL! Give kudos to businesses that are receptive by tweeting us at @atlantabike, tagging the business, and using these hashtags: #ReimaginePeachtree, #Bikelanes4Peachtree, #CompleteTheStreet, #MidtownATL

For those who #liketohashtageverything, here are some extras you can use: #BikeBetterAtl, #MidtownAtlBikes, #AtlBikeShare, #WeLoveAtl, #MidtownATL, #PeachtreeStreet #NewYork (because success!) 


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