Earn a Bike

In 2012 we received a large donation of new kids' bikes from a corporation and decided to start an "Earn A Bike" to distribute the bikes to youth who wouldn't otherwise get one. We have continued the program ever since. 

This program, targeted at 3rd-12th graders, provides basic bike safety, confidence, handling, and mechanics training and gives kids an opportunity to earn a bike by volunteering in their communities. Our focus is on lower-income communities, in order to make biking accessible to everyone. 

Class cost is $350 for a group of 10 students.

For more information, please contact the Earn A Bike program manager, zahra alabanza, or check out the video below. 


Thank you to our partners

Who's mission is to "empower and enrich disadvantaged and at-risk children living in urban Atlanta with year-round experiential education, recreation, and outdoor adventure"

MACC sponsors and coached the  BRAG Dream Team  empowering middle school students from across Georgia to prepare for the annual Bike Ride Across Georgia.