Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, affectionately known as RDA, serves as a major corridor for schools, historic neighborhoods, and businesses in Southwest Atlanta. RDA is a large street with fast traffic and a lonely stretch of bike lane between Murphy Ave and I-85. The road, whether by bike or by car, is often perilous due to potholes, debris, and jagged train tracks. You can change this.

242 street advocates

RDA turns into Georgia Avenue and runs through seven amazing Atlanta neighborhoods: Westview, West End, Adair Park, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville, Summerhill, and Grant Park.

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition connected these neighborhoods at Atlanta Streets Alive on Sunday, April 17th, but you can connect these neighborhoods all year-round by signing our petition for bike lanes and regular maintenance on RDA and Georgia Avenue.


Photo credit: Atlanta INtown Paper

In addition to bike lanes on RDA and Georgia Avenue, you are calling for:

  • Resurfacing and repairing dangerous potholes on RDA
  • Regularly maintaining this critical corridor by sweeping trash and debris
  • Paving over the hazardous out-of-use train tracks


Will you sign?

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