Hack Your Commute Lunch-n-Learn

If you bike to work in Atlanta, you may be interested in seeing more of your colleagues commute to work by bicycle and other transit options. Maybe you're hearing coworkers talk about wanting to get to and from work more happily and healthfully than sitting in a car.

It's time to make some changes to the same old routine. Get your body moving, take a break from driving to work, and immerse yourself into Atlanta's creative and growing commuting culture.

It's time to invite commuting experts from the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to come to your workplace and facilitate an engaging hour-long, activity-based event -- completely FREE to you.

You'll learn tips on commuting by bicycle and other means, how to plan a route, where to take classes on how to safely negotiate city roadways, how to combine MARTA with bicycling, your rights to our public roadways and other street rules, and where to go to hang out with other folks who bike for fun, for transportation, for health, or for social connectivity.

We use Calendly to make scheduling easy -- please select a time that works for your group using this link: