Family Biking



It's A Family Thing

Biking is best enjoyed when riding in the company of those we love the most. Biking as a family means time to bond and exercise. Here are some tips to help you with the logistics!


Teaching Kids to Ride

From toddlers to teenagers, learning to ride a bike is fun but it can be a bit intimidating. Thankfully, there are many resources to help parents keep their sanity while keeping their children safe. 

Basic Tips To Teach Kids


Keep It Fun

What's the best part about riding a bike? Whether we ask kids or adults, their answer is not typically the efficiency, the low-cost factor, or the many health benefits. Rather, it's the joy that they experience when gliding through the air on two wheels! By keeping the instruction, ride, and destination fun, you're helping your child grow into a confident and resourceful adult. 


Learning Which Way 

Kids have a quest for knowledge and biking can be a great way to reinforce the skills they're learning. One way to reinforce basic life knowledge and cycling is to make safety gestures into a game. Even if your child needs to keep both hands on the handlebars, can they call out which direction you are indicating? Can they say "left" and "right" in a different language to accompany your signaling? Can they master eye contact with the driver of a vehicle when at a shared stop? All of these creative approaches ensure that your child not only rides their bike safely, but that that are growing in their knowledge of the world around them.

Cycling hand signals

Illustration courtesy of the city of Portland, Ore.


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