We're so glad you want to invest your time with your bicycle coalition! Together we can go far.  We are a small nonprofit, and we need you, our dedicated, energetic, and skilled volunteers to maximize the effectiveness of our efforts. To receive occasional updates with links to volunteer opportunities, enter your email address below.

Transportation Camp and Govathon

This weekend marks the 9th Transportation Camp, an “unconference” that has taken place in half a dozen North American cities, where attendees will propose the conference sessions on Saturday morning and collaborate throughout the day. Transportation Camp will be paired with the 3rd Atlanta Govathan, a hackathon created by the City of Atlanta, Invest Atlanta, and Startup Atlanta which brings folks together to help solve problems affecting our government and community through creating everything from websites and mobile apps to designing other types of innovative products and services. According to the event developers the result of the weekend will be “a series of tangible, technology-based solutions to our most pressing transportation challenges.”

Hacking to improve biking in Atlanta

As part of Govathon the ABC’s 2009-2013 bike count data—both manual and pneumatic tube—will be available. We are seeking innovative ways to process, interpret, and present the data. What kinds of questions can we answer with the data? What is the state of biking in Atlanta today? How can the bike count data be paired with census data or American Community Survey data? How should the data be mapped? How should data be collected in the future? 

Join us!

So put on your thinking (and collaboration) caps and join us this weekend! More information can be found at the Transportation Camp and Govathon registration website. The event is being hosted in the Clough Building on the Georgia Tech Campus and begins at 8:30am on Saturday with breakfast. 



Other volunteer opportunities - ongoing

  • ABC Fun RIde Ride Leaders - Our fantastic ride leaders are retiring from there roll so we are looking for some energetic new ride leaders to host this monthly ride. This ride is designed for beginner cyclists, those new to group riding, or the cyclists who is looking for a slow, socially oriented jaunt through our intown neighborhoods. The motto for this ride is fun for everyone!
  • Bike-Neighborhood Liaison - attend neighborhood meetings and share the perspective of a cyclist on projects and other issues
  • ABC committees
  • Lead a quarterly bike train - post your usual bike commute with times and lead a small group 
  • Email us to get involved with...
    • Outreach: Tabling at events and festivals, distributing materials
    • Social media - posting events, classes, and rides on social media, blogs, and websites.
    • Rides - assist with Mobile Social, Heels on Wheels, Bike n Hike, Fun Ride, and more.
    • Bike Rodeos for Kids - get trained to lead bike rodeos for community groups
    • Help staff the front office - connect visitors with resources, answer phones, etc. 

You may also email or call (404-881-1112) if you think of another way you'd like to get involved!