Transit Day at the Capitol

This Thursday, February 18th, is Transit Day at the Georgia State Capitol! Join transit agencies from all over the state in a show of support for public transportation. This is an important and timely day given the massive cuts facing MARTA and the demise of Clayton County Transit. During a period which saw more people turning to transit and other alternatives to driving alone, most of our transit agencies experienced rapidly declining revenues and were unable to keep up with the demand, much less expand service as needed.


Re: Transit Day at the Capitol

We are currently dealing with South Carolina transportation controversy. South Carolina has some long flat highways speed is average 70MPH. One wonders what these TIGER Grants are going to be used for. The Department of Transportation has so far lined up TIGER Grants, or Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grants, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for St. Paul, Minnesota, Dallas, and a project in South Carolina. Dallas is getting street cars – it's anticipated that this might be a prelude to light rail projects, which are darlings of people that want public transport, but not as good as it could be. (The trolley systems used to be amazing, until GM manipulated congress to let them buy them out – thanks lobbyists!) It's basically huge payday loans essentially to our own economy, but one wonders when we'll see payoff.