Call to action - contact council members to support a safer, saner Peachtree Road

Peachtree Road is overdue for an overhaul. A proposal from the Buckhead CID could transform it into a safer, saner street for all modes of travel. Yet some long-time residents like those pictured below (image credit: Buckhead View) are opposed to the project on the grounds they believe it will push more cars onto neighborhood streets.
Atlanta City Council members representing the district are hearing from them. Some have even contacted the Governor! Will they hear from you???
Please contact at-large council member Mary Norwood (email, twitter) to ask for her support. She's a strong neighborhood advocate so let her know how this will benefit the neighborhoods. Currently, she is on record as opposing the project.
Combined with neighborhood traffic calming measures, this project represents the best hope for taming Peachtree Road. 
Here's why:
1. This is a safety project, first and foremost. The unsafe layout of this section of Peachtree Road has created a free-for-all with too many drivers changing lanes suddenly, slamming on brakes for turning cars, and not respecting people on foot or on bike. It's out of control. One resident we spoke with referred to it as "the Wild West." More people from other parts of the city would patronize the many wonderful businesses of Peachtree Road if they were easier to get to and if the corridor provided more transportation options.  
2. As the established population in this area ages, taming the traffic becomes increasingly important to their wellbeing. Reducing the number of lanes would allow seniors to safely cross Peachtree on foot, giving them independence even after they stop driving. And adding bike lanes will make traffic patterns more predictable, with fewer bicyclists popping up in front of them suddenly. We hear from many drivers who request bike lanes for this reason. 
3. The bike lanes will be helpful to those who currently have to bike on Peachtree Road due to the lack of alternatives, including retail workers and students - people who don't often attend public meetings or contact their council members.
Let's help change Peachtree for the better!