No stopping, standing, or PARKING in the bike lane

People are continuing to park in the bike lane on Edgewood Avenue, despite the signs and enforcement efforts. 

This creates a safety hazard for people on bikes, who are forced to jut out into traffic to go around the parked vehicles. Often there are available spaces across the street or nearby.

That's why we're launching a campaign to sweep the Edgewood Avenue bike lane clean of all barriers, especially cars.

Edgewood may be the hardest-working street in Atlanta right now, between streetcar tracks, construction, local businesses, and people on foot and on bike. People across Atlanta are biking more these days for so many reasons - to get to work while getting a workout, to visit friends, and to shop and dine at local businesses.
As we strive to be a truly livable community with complete streets that serve so many different needs, flagrant violations of the rules of the road must be addressed. [And please remember, just because you're on a bike does not make you exempt - be part of the solution by obeying all traffic signals. Every time you run a red light it aggravates driver animosity and makes us all a little less safe.]
Please email us if you'd like to be part of a reasonable, constructive approach to this problem.