Prevent bike theft, or find your stolen bike

Bike theft appears to be on the rise over the past two years in Atlanta. Here's what to do to prevent it from happening to you!

- U-LOCK. Always use a U-Lock to secure your bike frame (and rear wheel if possible) to a fixed, metal structure. A cable will help secure your wheels but is too easily cut to rely on as your main lock. It only takes a second and it happens all too often, so invest in a good U-Lock and always, ALWAYS bring it with you, no matter how heavy you think it is, if you are going to leave your bike for even a second. Check out this video of New York cyclists demonstrating how easy it is to steal a bike if you're not convinced.

- Use your U-Lock properly! Watch a video showing how to lock a bike or read how to lock up properly in this article from or guide to locking up from Kryptonite.

- If it's too late for you, you can still register your stolen bike - who knows, it might help, and it can't hurt.

- If you're buying a used bike, check the stolen bike registry to make sure you're not buying someone's stolen bicycle first.