Complete Streets Projects

MLK Dr rendering

There are 16 Complete Streets projects funded with the 2015 Renew Atlanta bond. 

  1. Cascade Road/Avenue (may include bicycle lanes)

  2. Lynhurst Drive / Citywide Complete Streets (may include bicycle improvements)

  3. DeKalb Avenue (includes reversible lane removal and bicycle facilities)

  4. East Paces Ferry Road (includes bicycle improvements)

  5. Fairburn Road (includes bicycle lanes)

  6. Forsyth Street (may include bicycle lanes)

  7. Howell Mill Road (includes bicycle lanes)

  8. Joseph E. Boone Boulevard (includes bicycle lanes 

  9. Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard

  10. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (includes bicycle facilities. The Renew Atlanta bond program is one of multiple funding sources for the Martin Luther King “Grand Boulevard” project which will be implemented in phases.  Initial phases for implementation include MLK Jr. Drive from Barfield Avenue to Florida Avenue and from Ollie Street to Northside Drive.)
  11. Monroe Drive & Monroe Drive/Boulevard (may include bicycle lanes) 

  12. Peachtree Street/Road (listed as Complete Street but GDOT elected not to include bicycle lanes) 

  13. Piedmont Ave (includes bicycle lanes)

  14. Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard

  15. University Ave (includes bicycle lanes)

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The City's comprehensive transportation plan, Connect Atlanta, includes bike projects on many city streets. The list below shows where Connect Atlanta bike projects overlap with Renew Atlanta bond resurfacing projects. With coordination and oversight, these streets could become part of the city's bike network.  


On bond list for…

In Connect Atlanta? Core or secondary connection? 

Murphy Avenue

Resurfacing from Glenn Street to Dill Avenue

yes: Core: make sure bike lane repaved as well

Joseph E. Lowery Blvd

Resurfacing from White Street to West Marietta Street

yes: Core

Marietta Street

Resurfacing from Peachtree Street to West Marietta Street

yes: Core

College Avenue

Resurfacing from Howard Street to City Limits

yes: secondary Howard/College from Hosea L Williams Dr to Atlanta City Limits (full)

Berne Street

Resurfacing from Boulevard to Moreland Avenue

yes: secondary

North Camp Creek Pkwy

Resurfacing from Stone Rd to Stone - Hogan Rd Connector

yes: secondary: Stone Rd to Stone‐Hogan Connector (full)

West Wieuca Road

Resurfacing from Loridans Drive to Lake Forrest Drive

yes: secondary: Roxboro Rd to Lake Forrest Drive/Chastain Park

Dill Avenue

Resurfacing from Murphy Avenue to Metropolitan Parkway

yes: secondary: Murphy Ave Metropolitan Pkwy (full)

Beverly Road

Resurfacing from West Peachtree Street to Polo Drive

yes: secondary: Montgomery Ferry Rd to Polo Dr (partial)

Lakewood Avenue

Resurfacing from Langford Parkway to Jonesboro Road

yes: secondary: Macon Dr to Claire Dr (partial)

Macon Drive

Resurfacing from Cleveland Avenue to Lakewood Avenue

yes: secondary: Lakewood Ave to Old Hapeville Rd (partial)

Avon Avenue

Resurfacing from Lee Street to Cascade Avenue

yes: secondary: from Cascade Rd to Allene Ave (entire segment being resurfaced)

Beecher Street

Resurfacing from Donnelly Avenue to Ferris Street

yes: secondary: Cascade Rd Oakland Dr (segment being resurfaced west of Cascade)

Old Hapeville Road

Resurfacing from Macon Drive to Cleveland Avenue

yes: secondary: Bromack Dr to Cleveland Ave (full)

Montgomery Ferry Road

Resurfacing from Polo Drive to Piedmont Avenue

yes: secondary: Beverly to Piedmont (full)

Lawton Street

Resurfacing from Fair Street to Donnally Avenue

yes: secondary: BeltLine to Westview Dr (full)

Polo Drive

Resurfacing from Beverly Road to Montgomery Ferry Road

yes: secondary: at  Montgomery Ferry Dr

Lakewood Way

Resurfacing from Pryor Road to Lakewood Avenue

yes: secondary:  Pryor Rd to Lakewood Ave (full)

Greenbriar Parkway

Resurfacing from Campbellton Road to Barge Road

yes: secondary:  Continental Colony Pkwy to Headland Rd (partial)

Oakland Drive

Resurfacing from Richland to Campbellton Road

yes: secondary

Stone Hogan Connector

Resurfacing from Stone Road to City limits

yes: secondary