Sharing the Roadway: From Confrontation to Conversation

I recently became aware of a report released by the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury discussing the barriers that exist in regards to a peaceful co-existence between motorists and cyclists. Here's the complete document.

I believe that many of the recommendations in the report can be applied here in Atlanta as well. I hope ABC can find a way to get a copy to our local elected officials.

Here's a summary for you of the portions I think hold true in metro Atlanta:

Healthier Circulation: the Future of Getting Around

An evening with David Byrne, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Charles Brewer and Scotty Greene [produced by the Congress for New Urbanism]

Advocacy Team meeting tonight

Join the ABC Bike Advocacy Team to help ABC have greater influence at the neighborhood and city level in working for bike improvements. This is a working group that identifies and implements projects with a high potential for success and impact. We're meeting tonight at Engine 11, a bar/restaurant owned by some great ABC business supporters, next door to the North Avenue MARTA station. Agenda items for tonight include our neighborhood and business outreach plans, a Bike Summit, and developing a timeline for all three.

Bikeroots night: do your own thing (and tell us about it here)

We're declaring the Monday, May 17 of Bike to Work Week "Bikeroots Night" - do your own thing! We invite you to share any bike events or rides you're organizing - as long as you don't mind the rest of us showing up on bikes - here! Just add to the comment section.

Electric bikes and scooters: okay to ride in bike lane?

Bicycles are vehicles under Georgia law - that means that traffic laws apply to bike riders. For the most part, people know this, but there are a couple of questions that keep popping up.

With a little help from our friends, we have determined that electric assisted bicycles as defined in Georgia Code Section 40-1-1 and 40-6-294 may be operated on bicycle paths. However, most "bike paths" in Georgia are actually shared-use paths, which means walkers, joggers, strollers, rollerbladers, and even equestrians (see post) may be using the paths as well. The PATH Foundation strongly discourages people riding electric assisted bikes from using shared-use paths for that reason - the speeds achieved on e-bikes just aren't compatible with sharing a very limited space (usually 8-10 feet) with strollers and horses.

May is Bike Month! Community Calendar

Every year the bicycle community celebrates All Things Bike in May, Bike Month. Go ahead, take the pledge to Bike There (anywhere! anytime! with anyone!) Then check out the full calendar of community events, with plenty of opportunities to - you guessed it - ride your bike!


Free bike basic clinics in May

ABC is offering two FREE bike basics clinics in May: this Sunday, May 2nd from 1:30-3:30 pm and Wednesday, May 12 from 6-8 pm. Come learn about the laws related to bicycling, the safest place to ride, what bike is best for you, and safety tips and best practices. This clinic is designed to answer the questions YOU need to know to enjoy riding your bike safely and with confidence. Please fill out this form so we can better meet your needs and know how many to expect.

Bring on the Bikes! Cycling Rises 28% in New York City

Found this article on about the increase in biking in New York. If it worked in NYC, it can work in Atlanta! Yes, I know that NYC has never been a haven for motorists, but it shows that with commitment from the city government, change can happen.

"We’ve addressed New York City’s increasing focus on cycling on the policy side. And man has it worked. As Gothamist reports, biking and public transit advocacy group Transportation Alternatives has released an annual estimate on bike ridership using DOT data. They found that the number of cyclists in New York City has increased a whopping 28% in the past year. According to the report:

Bike to Work Week



Bike commuters may be the only Atlanta commuters who look forward to their rides to and from work. 

To spice up your commuting routine this year, consider adding a bike option! 

Bike to Work Week -- May 13-17 -- is a great time to try it out. We'll have events, rides, and promotions to make it easier. 

Friday, May 17 we're planning a star-studded Bike to Work Day. Stay tuned for more details!  









But you don't have to bike to work to help the environment and get fit - think about all the trips you make in an ordinary week, then write down those two miles or less. Those are quick and easy bike trips. 

We hope during Bike Month you'll try riding to the library or park, help a neighbor get started biking, or just share the simple enjoyment of a ride with friends, family or co-workers. 

Biking is an easy way to improve your personal health as well as that of your community. 

Check out the National Bike Challenge to win prizes and compete with your friends and coworkers. 



Energizer Stations

Thursday, May 20
Bike-to-Work Commuter Breakfast
6:30-8:30AM- REI Perimeter
Celebrate Bike to Work Week with us! If you commute by bike in the Perimeter area, ride on over to the Perimeter store on the 20th and enjoy breakfast provided by The Flying Biscuit. The Perimeter Transportation Coalition will be on site with information about their rewards program for commuters as well. Get your day started off on the right wheel!

Friday, May 21: BIKE TO WORK DAY!

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