Bike to Work Week



Bike commuters may be the only Atlanta commuters who look forward to their rides to and from work. 

To spice up your commuting routine this year, consider adding a bike option! 

Bike to Work Week -- May 13-17 -- is a great time to try it out. We'll have events, rides, and promotions to make it easier. 

Friday, May 17 we're planning a star-studded Bike to Work Day. Stay tuned for more details!  









But you don't have to bike to work to help the environment and get fit - think about all the trips you make in an ordinary week, then write down those two miles or less. Those are quick and easy bike trips. 

We hope during Bike Month you'll try riding to the library or park, help a neighbor get started biking, or just share the simple enjoyment of a ride with friends, family or co-workers. 

Biking is an easy way to improve your personal health as well as that of your community. 

Check out the National Bike Challenge to win prizes and compete with your friends and coworkers. 



Energizer Stations

Thursday, May 20
Bike-to-Work Commuter Breakfast
6:30-8:30AM- REI Perimeter
Celebrate Bike to Work Week with us! If you commute by bike in the Perimeter area, ride on over to the Perimeter store on the 20th and enjoy breakfast provided by The Flying Biscuit. The Perimeter Transportation Coalition will be on site with information about their rewards program for commuters as well. Get your day started off on the right wheel!

Friday, May 21: BIKE TO WORK DAY!

Sweat Smells Better than CO2: ride tomorrow

Friday, April 23, celebrate Earth Day and the culmination of Georgia Tech's Earth Day festivities with a laid back bicycle ride through Atlanta (2-4pm from Georgia Tech Campus - Skiles Walkway). We will be leaving from Georgia Tech's campus near Skiles Walkway after Tech's Earth Day celebration winds down. The ride will highlight some of Atlanta's neighborhoods and green spaces in an effort to promote cycling as a viable form of transportation in the city.

MARTA matters to bike riders

MARTA and its union are running an arresting visual campaign to get the state's attention - red Xs on buses and trains that will be affected by major service cuts going into place this summer. And those red Xs mark real human impacts as well. Bicyclists depend on MARTA to take their mode farther. To contact your legislator and let them know we all, even those who don't ride, depend on MARTA, please see the attached document. There are only a few days left to act, so don't delay. Then show up for the rally at Five Points MARTA station - tonight at 6 pm.

Know Your Local Bike Shop Day

Atlanta has 41 wonderful bike shops, so chances are good there's one near you! The supporting local bike shops listed below will offer incentives, discounts, and meetups on Thursday, May 20 - Local Bike Shop Day.

Outback Bikes
1125 Euclid Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30307-1925
(404) 688-4878

JCS Cycles*
1531 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318-7649
(404) 351-4533

REI Atlanta
1800 Northeast Expy NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

Share the Trail

"Cyclists & Equestrians: How To Be Safe Together on The Silver Comet Trail"

North Druid Hills LCI study complete

Documents from the March 18th North Druid Hills LCI Open House are now available for review and download from the website. The transportation recommendations (Map and Table) include bicycle lanes on North Druid Hills, Briarcliff, and on streets/paths designated for park access.

RIDE MARTA DAY: Friday March 26

Bicyclists depend on MARTA to extend our rides, and service cuts will hurt our mobility. Organizers are planning a "Ride MARTA Day" for tomorrow, Friday 3/26 to show support for MARTA service and to encourage state lawmakers to pass a new transportation funding bill. Time is running out - tomorrow is crossover day, which means any bills must make it out of one house in order to have a chance at passing during this legislative session.

There will be a press conference at the MARTA Five Points Station at 3pm with music by DC² = DJs. Let's tell Georgia MARTA matters!

Speakers include:

Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Regulations and Recommendations

Just got a copy of the United States Department of Transportation Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Regulations and Recommendations. have not had a chance to digest (or dissect) it but wanted to share these tidbits with you all...

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