Ride with Mayor Reed draws 150 Atlantans to ride from City Hall to Jazz Festival

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, some 150 Atlantans joined Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and partners on a bike ride to the Atlanta Jazz Festival from City Hall. Free-Flite Bicycles and Trek Bicycle donated a bike to the mayor, who spoke warmly of the rise in biking in Atlanta, and celebrated National Bike Month and the city's selection as a The Green Lane Project city by PeopleForBikes.org.
Mayor Reed reminded the crowd of the city's goals: double the percentage biking to work, double miles of bike lanes and trails, and a 500 bike share program. He also commended ABC's Atlanta Streets Alive events as well as the Atlanta BeltLine, and city departments including City of Atlanta Department of PlanningCity of Atlanta Department of Public Works, and City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation and City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability's roles in making Atlanta more bikeable.

No stopping, standing, or PARKING in the bike lane

People are continuing to park in the bike lane on Edgewood Avenue, despite the signs and enforcement efforts. 

This creates a safety hazard for people on bikes, who are forced to jut out into traffic to go around the parked vehicles. Often there are available spaces across the street or nearby.

Edgewood may be the hardest-working street in Atlanta right now, between streetcar tracks, construction, local businesses, and people on foot and on bike. People across Atlanta are biking more these days for so many reasons - to get to work while getting a workout, to visit friends, and to shop and dine at local businesses.
Remember, just because you're on a bike does not make you exempt - be part of the solution by obeying all traffic signals. Every time you run a red light it aggravates drivers and makes us all a little less safe.
To report a parking violation, please call Park Atlanta at 404-750-2263. There should be a supervisor on call. 

How Bike Commuting Has Changed in Atlanta Since 1990

According to the newest report from the Census Bureau, the number of Americans who bike to work has risen 60% in the past ten years. This left us wondering how bike commuting has changed in Atlanta, so we used the Census Explorer to compare the percentage of Atlanta bike commuters in 1990, 2000, and 2012. Here’s what we found (read more for details).









1990                                                                              2000                                                                            2012

Bike to Work Day 2014

Friday, May 16th was National Bike to Work Day, and Atlantans all over the city ditched their cars and rode to work. Check out highlights from Bike to Work Day 2014! 

Profiles in Biking: Leigh Hopkins

To celebrate National Bike Month, we’re profiling Atlanta bike commuters and enthusiasts. We asked them for their advice to new bikers and their reasons for riding. Read more about commuters Leigh Hopkins, Lindsay Smith, Precia Carraway, and Tom Butler.

Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bicycle Tour: Saturday, June 14, 2014


Update: The Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bike Tour is sold out as of 6/12/2014.

The Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bicycle Tour is back! This urban adventure explores the current and future Atlanta BeltLine project on the completed sections of paved trails and nearby bike-friendly roads.

Ride with friends and family through 45 Atlanta BeltLine neighborhoods, see current and future Atlanta BeltLine developments, and show some love for our city of dreams shaping into reality. This ride is a collaboration of the Atlanta Beltline Partnership and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

Read more for details!


[updated] City of Atlanta - opportunity for safer streets and bike lanes?

[Update] Thank you for all the emails and calls on our call to action last week! We received word from the Public Works Commissioner that the department has been directed to install bike facilities on resurfacing projects, per city code and our request. There may be some complications along the way that require further study, so we're keeping an eye on this. Looking forward to seeing more bike lanes pop up!

Action alert:  thanks to a report from an ABC member, we found out about an opportunity the City of Atlanta may be about to miss. Help us keep that from happening by contacting your councilmember or the Mayor's Office today! 

The issue: The Atlanta Public Works Department is resurfacing several streets this year (for full list, look below). Some are in the city's bike plan. Those streets with enough space should get bike lanes as part of the resurfacing - what's called routine accommodation in some circles and a smart use of public dollars in others. These are small projects that will contribute to safe streets and a network of bikeways to connect our neighborhoods. Read more for email addresses and Twitter handles (#bikelane). 

Join the National Bike Challenge and be entered to win a brand new bike from Bicycle South!

This summer, we’re uniting 50,000 riders from across the country to ride 30 million miles. The National Bike Challenge is a fun, free, game-changing event. In just three years, the Challenge has helped support thousands of bicyclists -- new and old -- to make every mile count! 

In addition to the national prizes, everyone in Fulton and DeKalb counties who logs at least five trips in May will be entered to win a brand new bike donated by Bicycle South!

Other prizes throughout the month include a Po Campo pannier donated by The Spindle, a TiGr®lock, and a BizBag.

This is your chance to rep for Atlanta. Join us at www.nationalbikechallenge.org!

First West End Atlanta Streets Alive draws more than 16,000

Sunday was a good day! This first-time location for Atlanta Streets Alive in the Historic West End and Adair Park neighborhoods drew over 16,000 participants. Music in the Park led by Kebbi Williams was a big hit. The neighborhood gave open streets a warm welcome and the event created connections and opened minds to the possibilities of healthy, active transportation options. Help us continue to improve this initiative by taking a brief survey.

For great photos and comments, check out #atlstreetsalive on Facebook or Twitter, or one of these links: Atlanta Streets Alive pics, Rolling Out article and picsSaporta Report articleCameron Adams photos, or I am a Martan blog post

8 Fascinating Facts about Bicycling and Walking in the United States (and 3 surprising facts about biking & walking in Atlanta)

Cover preview.png

This week marked the launch of the brand new 2014 Alliance Benchmarking Report, a massive report filled with data and research on walking and bicycling in all 50 states, 52 of the most populous cities, and 17 midsized cities.

The report includes three facts about biking and walking in Atlanta that might surprise you:

  1. The City of Atlanta has the 7th lowest bicycle fatality rate per 10,000 bike commuters! Biking in the city is safer than most people think. Unfortunately, that dynamic doesn't hold true for the state - Georgia ranks 43rd. 
  2. When you combine people walking and biking to work in Atlanta, we make up 5.5% of the population. Percentage of commuting that takes place on foot? A surprising 4.5%1 
  3. Atlanta has some of the best, most unlimited access to transit for bikes, with no restrictions on bikes on MARTA. Only Minneapolis and Memphis have the same level of access with more transit hours accessible for people with bikes. 

Want to check it out for yourself? Download the report here: http://peoplepoweredmovement.org/benchmarking.

There’s a TON of really fascinating data in this year’s Alliance Benchmarking Report. Here’s a peek at the eight most interesting data points (and 3 interesting facts about Atlanta.)

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